» » Zeit der Sehnsucht Episode #1.10091 (1965– )

Short summary

In order to stop Shawn and Philip bickering, Belle announces she loves them both, but has made her choice. To Shawn's frantic horror, she stays with her crippled husband and starts learning how to nurse him. Brady has finally caught Chloe and Nicole at the Titan jet and makes them confess the truth. Brady keeps insisting Nicole must have manipulated Nancy and Chloe and orders the 'selfish bitch' out of his mansion and his life forever. Zach learns how to keep a female interested by dangling a surprise.

Episode credited cast:
John Aniston John Aniston - Victor Kiriakis (credit only)
Matthew Ashford Matthew Ashford - Jack Deveraux (credit only)
Steve Blackwood Steve Blackwood - Bart Beiderbecke (credit only)
Kyle Brandt Kyle Brandt - Philip Kiriakis
Darin Brooks Darin Brooks - Max Brady (credit only)
Matt Cedeño Matt Cedeño - Brandon Walker (credit only)
Jason Cook Jason Cook - Shawn-Douglas Brady
Bryan Dattilo Bryan Dattilo - Lucas Roberts (credit only)
Farah Fath Farah Fath - Mimi Lockhart (credit only)
Garrett Fraye Garrett Fraye - Zack Brady (as Garrett Gray)
Christopher Gerse Christopher Gerse - Will Roberts (credit only)
Spencer Gray Spencer Gray - Zack Brady
Bill Hayes Bill Hayes - Doug Williams (credit only)
Brody Hutzler Brody Hutzler - Patrick Lockhart (credit only)
Lauren Koslow Lauren Koslow - Kate Roberts Brady (credit only)
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