» » Coronation Street Episode #1.2148 (1960– )

Short summary

Mr Wormold dies and the residents of the Street are given the chance of buying their ground rents for £48. Debbie Nuttall tells Eunice that she's turned into a skivvy living in a rabbit hutch. Eunice is upset by the truth. Len buys the plot of land where No. 7 used to stand off Wormold's estate. Bert realises that he's applied for sixty jobs since he's been redundant. Councillor Ben Critchley tells Alf that people are complaining about Fred and Eunice's attitude at the Community Centre. Fred has had a row with the Town Clerk's sister-in-law. Fred rows with Debbie about her attitude towards work. Eunice feels caught in the middle. Rita thinks that Len's throwing money away with his plans to build a new house in the space left by No. 7. Alf warns the Gees that Critchley could cause a lot of trouble for them and for him for getting them the job. Elsie warns Audrey that Alf is planning to propose.

Episode credited cast:
Ian Burns Ian Burns - Ronnie Burgess
Barbara Knox Barbara Knox - Rita Fairclough
Sue Nicholls Sue Nicholls - Audrey Roberts
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