» » Coronation Street Episode #1.1266 (1960– )

Short summary

Albert is rushed to hospital and the Street residents are evacuated to the Community Centre. Billy tries to get in touch with Ken in Saddleworth and calls Dave Robbins. Eventually Betty gets the police to put a call out for Ken over the radio. Minnie is upset when Bobby can't be found. Elsie has to sit around in her freshly washed hair and Hilda worries about Stan's whereabouts. The residents speculate as to the cause of the leak. Ken returns to the Street and is stunned to see police activity. Ted Loftus tells him about Albert and he races to the hospital. Len and Elsie reminisce about the 1961 gas leak when the residents were evacuated to the mission. Albert is put into an oxygen tank and Ken keeps vigil. Stan phones the centre and lets Hilda know he's at a club down Argyle Street. Ted finds Bobby and returns him to Minnie. As the police give the all clear it becomes apparent that Jerry might be to blame as he installed the new electric cooker.

Episode credited cast:
Jean Alexander Jean Alexander - Hilda Ogden
William Roache William Roache - Ken Barlow
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