» » Coronation Street Episode #1.2000 (1960– )

Short summary

Elsie is concerned for Martin as he is despondent about getting a job. She tells him that he can stay with her if Linda agrees. Martin looks for a job at a builders. Eddie puts him off talking to Len. Brian lets slip to Fred and Betty that Gail is pregnant. Gail isn't bothered and Ivy is pleased they can now talk about it to everyone. Elsie urges Martin to take no notice of Eddie and speak to Len himself. Arnold takes Emily and Tracy to the park. Rita is annoyed that Len is so impatient with Mavis. Martin tells Len he wants to be a plumber. Len takes him on as an apprentice. Len upsets Mavis by shouting at her when she prepares him a pineapple salad for his tea. He tells Rita he's not having the house turning into a health farm. She is angry to discover he's done Elsie a favour by taking Martin on but won't be nice to her best friend. Arnold tells Emily he loves her and wants to marry her.

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