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The Critic teams up with her friend Arcangel Assassin as they read a rather disturbing King of the Hill story.

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    • Author: Brick my own
    "Peggy's Revenge" is a legendary fan fic. It is so bad and so shocking, that one must read it to believe it. Much like the Critic and Arcangel Assassain, I was shocked.

    In the fic, Peggy is annoyed at Hank for not being able to perform sex properly and decides to cheat on him. Then she gets in touch with Lucky and John Redcorn as they capture Hank, tie him to a chair, force him to watch John do Peggy right in front of him, eat semen, fecal matter and drink urine (I wish I making this up) and torture him with a needle from a pin cushion. I'll let you see that for yourself.

    Everyone is out of character (except Dale), there is graphic sex and language that you wouldn't find in an episode of King of the Hill, and basically the message of this fic is "If your partner doesn't know how to perform sex properly, torture them in the nastiest ways possible and they'll understand."

    The Critic and AA have fun tearing this fic to shreds as they point out spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and explain what should be logical. "If your partner doesn't know how to perform sex, talk to them about it."

    I have watched this episode many times and I love it.

    The only thing I don't like about this episode is that AA had a bird that wouldn't stop squawking throughout most of the video. In the commentary, they said they couldn't get the bird to shut up.
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