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They say art is the mark of a civilised society, but what do Australians really think about it? Each week, a cross-section of Australians will become art critics as they delve deeper into some of the most renowned works in the country. Across nine episodes, we share the amazing treasure trove of artifacts in Australian galleries. Our new critics see a wide range of colonial art, emerging Pacific Rim art, indigenous art and modern art. We look at sculpture and installations as well as paintings on a wall. We show that art can be fun, annoying, challenging, infuriating. No matter who we are, art always provokes a response. It challenges our beliefs, lifts our spirits, and reminds us who we are. Everyone's got a story. Everyone's got an opinion. Everyone's a Critic.

Credited cast:
Majidah Ayoob Majidah Ayoob - Herself
Rudo Banya Rudo Banya - Herself
Jmaine Jermaine Beezley Jmaine Jermaine Beezley - Himself
Amaka Emerokwan Amaka Emerokwan - Herself
Monique Fiuchera Monique Fiuchera - Herself
Kelly Flocas Kelly Flocas - Herself
Malika Gerlofsma Malika Gerlofsma - Herself
Harry Hamann Harry Hamann - Himself
Juliette Hughes Juliette Hughes - Herself
Julia LaFernandez Julia LaFernandez - Herself
Maurice Lorbek Maurice Lorbek - Himself
Paula Lorenzo Paula Lorenzo - Herself
Garret Lyon Garret Lyon - Himself
Tracey Mifsud Tracey Mifsud - Herself
Alexander O. Montgomery Alexander O. Montgomery - Himself
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