» » The Nostalgia Critic Dreamcatcher (2007– )

Short summary

What would Nostalgiaween be without Stephen King? Time to break out the alcohol and check out another filmed abomination of one of his classic works. Today, Nostalgia Critic looks at some scary shit. Literally. The monster in the movie is actually shit that attack once it's been released via unsuspecting people's rectums. And who says King is running out of ideas?

Episode cast overview:
Doug Walker Doug Walker - Nostalgia Critic / Chester A. Bum
Malcolm Ray Malcolm Ray - Malcolm
Tamara Chambers Tamara Chambers - Tamara
Mathew Buck Mathew Buck - British Malcolm / British Tamara
Bryan Porter Bryan Porter - Soos (archive footage) (credit only)
Aiyanna Wade Aiyanna Wade - Wendy (archive footage) (credit only)
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