» » Bear Behaving Badly Mr Ice Cream Head (2007– )

Short summary

In order to drum up custom for Mr. Prank's ice cream van, Beatrice suggests that the gang make a commercial, extolling the virtues of his wares. Barney writes a jingle but unfortunately Nev and Keith's editing includes some rather too realistic shots of Mr. Prank shouting at customers and indulging in some very unhygienic practices.

Episode cast overview:
Barney Harwood Barney Harwood - Barney
Glen Davies Glen Davies - Andy Prank
Simon Buckley Simon Buckley - Crazy Keith (voice)
Ross Mullan Ross Mullan - Neville (voice)
Allyson Brown Allyson Brown - Beatrice
Gregory Foreman Gregory Foreman - Bouncer Boy
Beverly Hills Beverly Hills - Postie
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