» » Bear Behaving Badly Around the Flat in Eighty Days (2007– )

Short summary

Barney has to go to Egypt to film a travel programme, and, rather than leave Nev on his own in the flat, he agrees to Mr. Prank's seemingly generous offer to move in and look after Nev. However there is an ulterior motive - Barney has a wide-screen television set and Mr. Prank spends hours watching old episodes of 'Star Trek' on it. He is also very untidy and makes it clear that he will blame Nev for making all the mess. Nev is at his wits' end until Crazy Keith comes up with a solution - they will fly to Egypt in a balloon to find Barney!

Episode cast overview:
Barney Harwood Barney Harwood - Barney
Glen Davies Glen Davies - Andy Prank
Simon Buckley Simon Buckley - Crazy Keith (voice)
Ross Mullan Ross Mullan - Neville (voice)
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