» » Die Simpsons Skinner's Sense of Snow (1989– )

Short summary

Following a fierce blizzard Skinner,Willie and the children are trapped in the school by a huge snow drift. Homer and Ned set out to rescue them but hit a hydrant that explodes,the water turning to ice in the freezing temperature. Finally everybody is freed,however,thanks to Nibbles,the school's hamster,whom Seymour sends out with a message for help.

This episode features an inordinate amount of jokes involving male genitalia, ie, the circus performer thrusting his crotch in Homer's face, Wiggum ostensibly urinating in the snow, Willie saying "that's the last time you'll slap your willie around", the ranch dressing hose, Skinner saying "chew through my ball sack", and a particular shot of the salt silo sliding down the hill (where the arrowhead like peak inexplicably becomes round and bulbous).

In the original airing, the permanent record page that Milhouse rips out of Lisa's permanent record uncrumples and reattaches itself to her record and causes the shelves to slam shut. It is later cut from broadcast for time.

Skinner's furious reaction to Groundskeeper Willie's reluctance to destroy the tunnel Bart dug ("well, I see your Scotsmen are thrifty with courage too!") is based on an ugly stereotype commonly referenced in Europe about how Scottish people are cheap and go out of their way not to spend money if they can avoid it.

Bart's permanent record reads "underachiever and proud of it," to which Bart disdainfully says "how old is this?" That phrase was used to describe Bart's character during voice auditions back when the Simpsons were part of 'The Tracey Ullman Show' (indeed, it's what inspired Nancy Cartwright to read for Bart instead of Lisa, as she had initially been meant to).

Episode cast overview:
Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta - Homer Simpson / Abraham Simpson / Sideshow Mel / Elf 2 / Sportscaster / Radio Weatherman (voice)
Julie Kavner Julie Kavner - Marge Simpson (voice)
Nancy Cartwright Nancy Cartwright - Bart Simpson / Kearney / Nelson Muntz / Ralph Wiggum (voice)
Yeardley Smith Yeardley Smith - Lisa Simpson (voice)
Hank Azaria Hank Azaria - Al / Captain McCallister / Superintendent Chalmers / Hobgoblin / Lou / Ringmaster / Santa Claus / G.I. 2 / Man in Crowd / Security Guard / Usher / Wolf 2 (voice)
Harry Shearer Harry Shearer - Mr. Burns / Smithers / Jerry / Kent Brockman / Ned Flanders / Principal Skinner / Costume supervisor / Disheveled clown / Elf 1 / G.I. 1 / Radio Announcer (voice)
Marcia Wallace Marcia Wallace - Edna Krabappel (voice)
Pamela Hayden Pamela Hayden - Milhouse Van Houten (voice)
Tress MacNeille Tress MacNeille - Little Bo Peep (voice)
Russi Taylor Russi Taylor - Martin Prince / Sherri / Terri / Uter (voice)
Karl Wiedergott Karl Wiedergott - Wolf 1 (voice)
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