» » The Young and the Restless Episode #1.6842 (1973– )

Short summary

Christine tells Nina that she is fascinated by Michael's job offer, but worries about Paul's reaction. Nina is surprised that Chris is considering the offer. Later, Chris breaks the news to an irate Paul who won't even discuss the matter. At the same time, Michael has a run-in with Mary. Badgered by Jack and her father, Ashley confesses that she is pregnant. Jack cannot believe that Ashley wants to raise the child by herself. Ashley warns her brother to stay out of her affairs. When Nina suggests to Megan that Tricia seek psychiatric counseling, Megan snaps back that it's Sharon who needs the help, not her sister. Tricia finds her apartment lit by candles as Ryan has prepared a romantic evening. At first she turns him down but suddenly her mood swings and she kisses him passionately. Over dinner, Olivia questions Neil about his feelings for Dru. Drucilla is ready to bail on a photo shoot in Paris due to Lily still being sick but Malcolm offers to look after his niece.

Episode credited cast:
Lauralee Bell Lauralee Bell - Christine Blair Williams
Peter Bergman Peter Bergman - Jack Abbott
Brooke Marie Bridges Brooke Marie Bridges - Lily Winters
Tricia Cast Tricia Cast - Nina Webster
Carolyn Conwell Carolyn Conwell - Mary Williams
Patricia Cullen Patricia Cullen - Gail Wallace
Doug Davidson Doug Davidson - Paul Williams
Eileen Davidson Eileen Davidson - Ashley Abbott
Jerry Douglas Jerry Douglas - John Abbott
Sabryn Genet Sabryn Genet - Tricia Dennison McNeil
Ashley Jones Ashley Jones - Megan Dennison
Christian Jules Le Blanc Christian Jules Le Blanc - Michael Baldwin (as Christian LeBlanc)
Shemar Moore Shemar Moore - Malcolm Winters
Scott Reeves Scott Reeves - Ryan McNeil
David Richards David Richards - Sid Garber
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