» » The Young and the Restless Episode #1.3444 (1973– )

Short summary

Carl and Salena find Jack at Carol's apartment. Jack can convince Carl that Jill is at Sven's place and in grave danger. Jill realizes that Sven won't be coming back as it is getting colder and colder in her prison. Matt tells Nikki that his trip to Venezuela didn't seem that urging. He is surprised when Nikki declines his offer to go apartment hunting. Meanwhile Victor and Ashley meet at the cabin. Ashley tells a shocked Victor she's ending their relationship. Paul declines Lauren's request to work with him citing the dangers of the job as a reason. Nikki overhears Victor talking to his attorney and learns that he initiated the delay in their divorce. Carl and Jack arrive at Sven's apartment unable to find Sven or Jill there. Sven is ready to board his flight to Mexico.

Episode credited cast:
Eric Braeden Eric Braeden - Victor Newman
Paul Carr Paul Carr - Martin Gentry
Doug Davidson Doug Davidson - Paul Williams
Eileen Davidson Eileen Davidson - Ashley Abbott
Brenda Dickson Brenda Dickson - Jill Foster Abbott
Brett Hadley Brett Hadley - Det. Carl Williams
Fay Hauser Fay Hauser - Det. Salena Wylie
Terry Lester Terry Lester - Jack Abbott
Kate Linder Kate Linder - Esther Valentine
Beth Maitland Beth Maitland - Traci Abbott Carlton
Lee Nicholl Lee Nicholl - Sven Petersen
Robert Parucha Robert Parucha - Matt Miller
Melody Thomas Scott Melody Thomas Scott - Nikki Reed Newman
Christopher Templeton Christopher Templeton - Carol Robbins
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