» » The Young and the Restless Episode #1.6371 (1973– )

Short summary

Malcolm visits Olivia who has been working non-stop at the hospital to give her flowers and a kiss. Phyllis realizes that Michael is up to something, but he won't reveal what it is. Gina, Christine and Paul are still with Danny as his condition gets worse and worse. Then, news arrives that there is a donor! Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael gets ready for surgery saying that this is his only chance... Ryan tells Phillip that their time together made him very happy, but he can't help but notice that his son still hasn't warmed up on Tricia. Back home, Nina is shocked when Phillip tells her he is optimistic that Ryan will return to them. Tricia returns home and notices that Ryan is torn over the situation with his son. She offers to step aside so that he can try to patch things up with Nina. Ryan counters that he loves her and soon Phillip will come to love her too. Doris thinks Sharon is playing a dangerous game by spending so much time with Tony. Sharon ignores her mother's concerns ...

Episode credited cast:
Lauralee Bell Lauralee Bell - Christine Blair Williams
Sharon Case Sharon Case - Sharon Collins Newman
Tricia Cast Tricia Cast - Nina Webster
Michael Damian Michael Damian - Danny Romalotti
Doug Davidson Doug Davidson - Paul Williams
Sabryn Genet Sabryn Genet - Tricia Dennison
Karen Hensel Karen Hensel - Doris Collins
Emily Kuroda Emily Kuroda - Nurse Candice Katsumoto
Christian Jules Le Blanc Christian Jules Le Blanc - Michael Baldwin (as Christian LeBlanc)
Shemar Moore Shemar Moore - Malcolm Winters
Sandra Nelson Sandra Nelson - Phyllis Summers
Nicholas Pappone Nicholas Pappone - Phillip Chancellor IV
Scott Reeves Scott Reeves - Ryan McNeil
Nick Scotti Nick Scotti - Tony Viscardi
Patty Weaver Patty Weaver - Gina Roma
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