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John Robertson and his brother Fred, were fishermen and inseparable. Both loved the pretty Jennie Blair, but John, more bold, spoke his love and won her. They went to live in the home of the brothers, but hard luck came upon them for the sea refused to yield a living for the three. Fred, who loved in silence, tried to cheer them with hopes of the future, but John, growing morose and sad, departed suddenly one night to seek fortune elsewhere and return. In the moments of her extremity, Fred, loving her, spoke no words of himself. Faithfully he brought her the catch of the day and did his best, as a faithful friend, to keep her in food and shelter. But as the years rolled by and no word came from John, he grew bolder, spoke his love and the pair were wed. A child came to bless them and then, one night a bearded figure that was John, came to the little cabin and looked in through a window. What he saw shot a sudden pain into his heart for Fred and Jennie, serenely happy, were amusing ...

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    • Author: zmejka
    An "Enoch Arden" story, in which the missing husband returns after seven years to find his wife married to another. He gives them a bag of gold, which he says was given him by the missing husband, and departs without revealing the truth. The seacoast scenes are good and the acting capable, but the lapse of seven years was not sufficiently apparent in some of the characters. This holds the interest well. - The Moving Picture World, March 1, 1913
  • Cast overview:
    Edward Coxen Edward Coxen - Fred Robertson (as Ed Coxen)
    Lillian Christy Lillian Christy - Jennie Blair
    Eugene Pallette Eugene Pallette - John Robertson
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