» » Her Cousin Fred (1912)

Short summary

Fred acts as a matchmaker for his cousin Flo and his friend George.
Flo Ballard, who lives in the city was delighted when she received a letter from her cousin, Fred James and his sister Victory, to pay them a visit and to stay just as long as she pleased. Flo was a lover of animals and she knew that she would have many of them to fondle and take care of at her cousin's house. Fred was a good-natured chap and loved to play jokes on his friends. His sister Victory was not always so pleased with his jokes and did not always "fall in" with his scheming. After Flo's arrival Fred's brain got busy and it occurred to him that he might make her the victim of his schemes. Now it happened that he had a friend, George Moore, a fellow who would make any girl's heart flutter and to whom he hoped Flo might become attached. But Flo was not so easily taken and Fred had to plan. Fred soon found that it was not so easy to arrange even an introduction between the two. One day George saw a workman beating a poor, miserable-looking horse which was trying to haul a heavy ...

Cast overview:
Florence Lawrence Florence Lawrence - Flo Ballard
Owen Moore Owen Moore - George Moore
Fred Malcolm Fred Malcolm - Fred Jane
Victory Bateman Victory Bateman - Victory, Fred's Sister
Edward Morris Edward Morris - Driver
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