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Moose and Small Paul Wheelwright? The Subrosa Ranch? Hilarious "Bonanza" parody with Bart squirming in the middle between 3 naive, Pa whipped brothers and their worldly mail-order brides from the Barbary Coast, after matchmaker Whittleseed (Willard Waterman) is murdered. Episode also has fine performances by Kasey Rogers, Jake Sheffield as the amorous Moose, and Jim Backus as the blustery pa of the Wheelwrights, who always stick together - and we even find out why they have to! "Three Queens Full" is adorned with splendidly over-the-top music too.

This is a parody of the NBC western series Bonanza (1959).

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    • Author: Fani
    Okay, Maverick's spoof of Gunsmoke ("Gun Shy") worked really well, so why not a spoof of another big western of the day, Bonanza. It's a good plot— rounding up 3 girls of dubious reputation and selling them off as refined ladies for the 3 Wheelwright (Cartwright) boys. Lots of laughs there, getting the girls to mind their manners at the same time their schooling is courtesy the San Francisco saloon circuit. The trouble is that the Wheelwrights just aren't that funny. Well, Jake Sheffield certainly looks funny as the overfed brother Moose (Hoss, of Bonanza). He peers out from somewhere beneath a hat pulled down around his socks, looking like the son Pa (Jim Backus) would be advised to keep in the barn. But the other two brothers, Small Paul and Henry, (Little Joe and Adam) don't even look funny and come across as just another couple of guys hanging around town. And oddly, comedy actor Backus in the Lorne Greene role seems unsure how to play the part when a caricaturing of the lordly Ponderosa patriarch is clearly in order. I'm not sure whether the problem is with the casting, the directing, or the writing, but the satirical side is a long way from the satisfactions of Gun Shy. Anyway, a few humorous compensations remain, so the hour is still likely worth a look-see.
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    • Author: Murn
    "Three Queens Full" parodies Bonanza. The Wheelwrights replace the Cartwrights. The Ponderosa becomes the Subrosa. Hoss becomes Moose. Daddy Wheelwright hires Bart to chaperone three brides for his three fine sons. When the girls start robbing the house, Bart teaches them manners: "Tone down the wiggle!" After some intrigue and second-guessing, the girls marry the Wheelwright boys. This is a funny episode, and Ed Robertson who wrote a book about the series decries the reliance on slapstick after James Garner left the show. Robertson was partial to the humor that arose naturally from Garner's character. As for me, I enjoyed all five seasons.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Jack Kelly Jack Kelly - Bart Maverick
    Merry Anders Merry Anders - Cissie Anderson
    Kasey Rogers Kasey Rogers - Emma Walter
    Allyson Ames Allyson Ames - Lou Ann Smythe
    Joseph Gallison Joseph Gallison - Small Paul Wheelwright (as Evan McCord)
    Jake Sheffield Jake Sheffield - Moose Wheelwright
    Larry Chance Larry Chance - Henry Wheelwright
    Frank Ferguson Frank Ferguson - Sheriff Mattson
    Harry Lauter Harry Lauter - Matthew Braze
    Willard Waterman Willard Waterman - Whittleseed
    Don Kennedy Don Kennedy - Humbolt
    Jim Backus Jim Backus - Joe Wheelwright
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