» » La vida láctea (1993)

Short summary

On his 80th birthday, retired billionaire Barry Reilly decides to indulge himself for once in his life. Instead of sharing his money with his greedy family of leaches, he decides to fulfill his fantasy. He'll spend the rest of his life in his mansion living, acting and dressing as a baby. He buys a giant crib, adult diapers and even hires a buxom middle-aged wet-nurse called Aloha to take care of him from now on. While his relatives fight among themselves, his role-playing, which may or may not be a case of paraphilic infantilism or adult baby syndrome, is going well. Aloha takes care of him, changes his diapers, plays with him, bathes him and even lets him suck on her breasts like a real baby. However, the story takes a really weird twist when a gang of international thieves, who think Reilly keeps his valuables in his mansion, break in and, not expecting him there, hit him on the head to knock him out. When he wakes up, he begins to grow younger and even grows a new set of baby ...

Cast overview, first billed only:
Mickey Rooney Mickey Rooney - Barry Reilly
Marianne Sägebrecht Marianne Sägebrecht - Aloha
William Hootkins William Hootkins - Julian Reilly
Féodor Atkine Féodor Atkine - Bruno
Emma Suárez Emma Suárez - Bianca
Jack Taylor Jack Taylor - Cardenal Logan
May Heatherly May Heatherly - Victoria
Thomas Heinze Thomas Heinze - Steven
Tomás Campos Tomás Campos - Ringo
Michele McCain Michele McCain - Marylin
Juan Luis Buñuel Juan Luis Buñuel - Dr. Davis
Filipe Ferrer Filipe Ferrer - Héctor
Lorraine Clewes Lorraine Clewes - Tía Anne
Lee Tat Kan Lee Tat Kan - Kunyo
Íñigo Vallejo-Nágera Íñigo Vallejo-Nágera - Warren (as Iñigo Vallejo Najera)
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