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With a special present in his hand, young Jack is excited to pick up his new baby sister and Mom from the hospital. As he and his Dad enter the busy waiting room, Jack bumps into an old, confused Granny. Nobody seems to notice her. Nobody seems to care. Jack wants to help her but how? A fictional story based on real events, Granny Baby looks at a serious issue in a light-hearted, surprising way through the creative eyes of a child.

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    • Author: Vikus
    Eva Colmers did an amazing job with this film. I really gives the viewer insight into the difficulties faced by the elderly and their care givers. A must watch for anyone who has elderly family members who require care or for children to learn compassion and respect. The sound track to the movie is amazing and moving. Every time I listen to the music it brings tears to my eyes. The editing is amazing and very well put together. The actors came across as very real. The ending left me wondering which I believe was the purpose of the film. It makes people think and wonder about what happens to all the elderly who are dumped in hospital waiting rooms for whatever reason. AMAZING film!
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    • Author: Amarin
    Unfortunately, I missed the screening of Granny Baby at the 11th Annual Female Eye Film Festival in June and didn't get a chance to see it until the beginning of autumn. I say unfortunately because it would've been interesting to see the audience's reaction to this moving tale of caring--and not caring--for the elderly. Aidan Hamilton plays Jack, a young boy meticulously preparing to pick up his new baby sister and mother from the local hospital. Hamilton portrays the part with a low-key wonder reminiscent of Adam Hann-Byrd in Little Man Tate. While in the hospital's busy waiting room he meets and interacts with Granny Rose, a woman "dumped" there by her caregiver. Eva Colmers has strong instincts as a filmmaker, electing to tell the story largely at Jack and Granny's eye-level while keeping the supporting characters in the wings. Additionally, she and her team have put a lot of thought into the production details, including a color palette that highlights the leads against a neutral environment (note the connection between the color of the helium-filled balloon, the baby's hoodie, and the newborn's blankets). It's one of many clever touches in a film that deals with who around us we notice and who we choose to ignore. Granny Baby is a well-realized film about the plight of the elderly in an increasingly stressed and uncaring society, an issue coming more and more to the forefront with the world's aging population.
  • Credited cast:
    Joyce Doolittle Joyce Doolittle - Granny Rose
    Aidan Hamilton Aidan Hamilton - Jack
    Kris Loranger Kris Loranger - Dad
    Nicole Wassill Nicole Wassill - Mom
    Lucas Alvarado-Fraser Lucas Alvarado-Fraser - Newborn
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Robert H. Beddow Robert H. Beddow - Paramedic 1
    Nathania Bernabe Nathania Bernabe - Business Woman
    Tanner Bornowsky Tanner Bornowsky - Teenage Boy
    Kevin Chille Kevin Chille - Bleeding Neck Patient
    Yvonne Desjardins Yvonne Desjardins - Reception Nurse
    Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton - Waiting Room Extra
    Kristin Johnston Kristin Johnston - Mother
    George Kelly George Kelly - Doctor
    Amy Kucharuk Amy Kucharuk - Waiting Room Extra
    Marie Lemmerick Marie Lemmerick - Nurse
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