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A group of Navy SEALs come to learn the identity of their target: Osama bin Laden.
When the rumored whereabouts of Osama bin Laden are revealed, the CIA readies a team of seasoned U.S. Navy SEALs for the mission of a lifetime. Despite inconclusive evidence that bin Laden is inside the compound, and ignoring the possible ramifications of an unannounced attack on Pakistani soil, the Pentagon orders the attack. The SEAL Team bands together to complete their mission of justice in a riveting final showdown.

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The scenes depicting Peshawar, Pakistan were actually shot at Khopoli in Maharashtra, India. This is clearly evident from the license plate numbers of the vehicles that can be seen on the road. The numbers start with 'MH' which is the code for the state of Maharashtra. Also the actors playing the roles of CIA assets in the scenes are famous Marathi TV actors.

Robert Knepper and William Fitchner previously starred together on Prison Break.

Some of the training scenes were filmed at the Penitentiary of New Mexico "Old Main". Same place as "The Longest Yard" with Adam Sandler.

WILHELM SCREAM: The guys are playing a video game and from the video game the scream can be heard.

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    • Author: Hanelynai
    This was a movie I wanted to see based on the hype from NatGeo. This could have been a terrific movie if properly developed, because all the elements are here: how the CIA found Osama Bin Laden, how Seal Team 6 trained for the mission, how Seal Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden, and the aftermath of Osama's death on the aircraft carrier. Unfortunately, none of this was done; instead, the producers decided to dramatize the killing of Osama Bin Laden and Seal Team 6's involvement in the typical 1940-1950's style. Instead of sticking to the facts of Osama's killing, the producers dramatized his death and the role of Seal Team 6. This movie seems to have been developed way before the news media released all the information they could gather about the killing of Osama Bin Laden and Seal Team 6's involvement. Almost everything has been dramatized to the detriment of the real story. This movie has more fiction than a novel. The movie has the feel of a Roger Corman quickie: bad script, mostly unknown actors, poorly directed, and acted. It was put together way too fast. It is a shame that Bob and Harvey Weinstein are associated with this dreadful movie. At the end, the movie is dedicated to the armed forces and intelligence community for what they do on a daily basis to keep us free. As a veteran, I am insulted with this trash. This movie deserves a turkey rating. Another problem was the way National Geographic presented the movie: way too many commercial breaks with way too many commercials. This movie should have been shown commercial free.
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    • Author: Eta
    Where to start? First off, it should have been a sign when this movie went from a theater release to a late night cable TV release. It seems as if every effort was made to make this movie as cheesy and campy as humanly possible. It simply stinks.

    None of the actors portraying SEALs, from Cam Gigandet, Anson Mount, Xzibit, etc were believable in their roles. This contributed to, and in many ways, enhanced, the horrible dialogue and crappy tactics. It seemed to me that the production crew relied on a teenage Call of Duty player as a technical and tactical adviser for the film, while also disregarding virtually all the confirmed details about the raid. For crying out loud, the most anticipated line in the movie, wasn't even historically accurate!

    Technical problems cripple any amount of believability this film could have had. First off, the weaponry is ridiculous. I'm supposed to believe that not a single one of America's Tier One special operators is smart enough to realize that back-up iron sights are a good idea on a rifle? Then, why wear NVG's at all if you're not going to use them, and for the ones who did decide to use them at random times during the movie, i'm sure the bright white flashlight didn't screw things up at all. CQB? Non-existent in this movie! The SEALs all run through the houses shouting as loud as possible.

    All in all, this movie was poorly acted, poorly directed, poorly produced, historically laughable, tactically ridiculous and a waste of time, money and energy. The only bright spot of the movie was William Fichtner, who is quite good in most roles he plays. The rest of the movie? Rubbish. Charlie Sheen's "Navy SEALs" was a more accurate SEAL film. Save your two hours, wait for Zero Dark Thirty, or watch Act of Valor. This movie fails.
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    • Author: Orll
    This movie is pretty horrendous. It is less entertaining than a 60 Minutes special report. It is so painfully slow, there is virtually no action--so it's value as an action movie is zero. For a movie, it plain sucks. It is so boring. For a still sucks. It is so boring. The political agenda is so flagrant that you want to vomit. It's released for the presidential election; it opens with clips of Obama debating with various Republicans. It takes the time to show a quote of Romney saying how it's not worth it to move heaven and earth to catch one man. Really?? What the hell does that have anything to do with anything...except as some pathetic Hollywood endorsement of Obama. The movie tries to make Obama out to be the hero and the SEALs were just along for the ride. What's with all the Republican bashing? It's sad and pathetic. Boring, political advertisement.
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    • Author: Celak
    I gave it a one because it was the lowest rating possible. If we were to edit this movie down to the facts, it would have been about five minutes long.

    It's one thing to take some artistic licence with a true story, but this movie didn't take licence. It seemed like they didn't get any support from the military and they didn't do much research. A lot of the details I noticed probably wouldn't have been noted by the average viewer.

    However, the most glaring detail was the way the military was portrayed - like a bunch of high school drama queens. The kind of garbage portrayed in this movie was unrealistic at best.

    Please, PLEASE don't waste your time.
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    • Author: Gold Crown
    Although this is supposed to be a fictionalized account of the OBL raid, they sure tried to mix in actual facts. I suppose that since I read "No Easy Day", the only and best account of what actually happened there, I can't help but laugh at the terrible technical errors depicted throughout the movie. I bet the Navy Seals thought this movie was a spoof or a comedy action. Here are a few that stand out to me (spoiler alert): no way would Seals go into a raid like this with guns blazing and holding flashlights to get around inside the house. They should have just had the actors wear glow-light suits. In reality, they wear night vision goggles and all have suppressors on their guns. That's why none of our guys were shot, the bad guys could not see the Seals. In fact, there were not many shots fired by the bad guys at all. I thought I was watching a WWII movie. Another laughable thing about this movie is it tried to give some character development by showing interviews with those involved. This event is not about a few characters, it was a coordinated effort that involved hundreds of people. But they chose to make a few people the heroes, most namely Obama. I like most of Weinstein Bros movies, but something stinks about this one. Anyone who saw this and has not read "No Easy Day" should read it, then tell me what you think about this garbage movie.
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    • Author: Clever
    Now that the dust of the recent presidential election has settled (and other information about the search for OBL has come to light), we can see this flick for what it really was--just a campaign tool to put Obama in a heroic light, both for benefit of the election and for history. Produced by Weinstein, one of Obama's biggest boosters in the film industry. Lots of deeply serious and introspective Obama commentary during the flick. Boy, is he brilliant or what? But on numerous points we now know Weinstein simply fabricated as he went along.

    The film DOES paint a flattering portrait of seal training and the Skype videos with loved ones at home were moving; that's the reason the movie gets two stars instead of just one.

    Like the movie "JFK," this one does a disservice to history. Oh, well. These are interesting times we live in.
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    • Author: Nilarius
    With all the hype, I thought for certain this would be a strong 2 hours of television. Wrong. Little character development; less in depth behind the scenes; even the acting was bad. Without the actual footage of of September 11 and Pres. Obama, it would have been even worse. Then NatGeo filled the program with commercials and seemingly ran the same set of spots at each break. Just brutally bad. For contrast, go watch Showtime's Homeland. Indeed, this looked very much like a low budget, independent production filmed on a back-lot south of Los Angeles. I was truly looking for an engaging 'documentary-style' film. I am not quite sure what I saw tonight. And if you haven't seen it, don't. Go watch Swamp People or FashionPolice. I am sure they are better!
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    • Author: Rrinel
    Just sat through it this evening and found the fast-forward very useful. In fact, I used the fast forward so much - that what I actually saw seemed pretty good. Granted, it may have only been 5 minutes…but those 5 minutes were almost spectacular. Of course, I had to fast-forward through the campaign commercial part of the movie. I think that was about a third…or maybe even a half. And the self-gratifying dialog, I had to jump through that, another fourth or third. The rigid bad-ass acting and there was a lot of that – I had to jump through that. Everybody was trying to out-bad-ass the previous person. (NOTE: why does everyone in a movie now-a-days toss out their 'acting?' skills and become the consummate bad-asses?) I can understand the Navy SEALs being that way…that is their job and they kind of get trained doing this. But a bunch of D.C. sycophants? Really? In any case, skipping through that probably ate up about a quarter of the movie. SO - what does that leave me with? Let me see. Opening credits (those were stunning). Blowing up the compound (more stunning stuff), and last but not least, the closing credits (just as stunning as the opening credits). In all fairness – I knew this movie was no more than a campaign commercial. And it was pumped out by some Hollywood boot lickers, and I have no problem with that. Support your guy – wonderful. The left panders to the left – and the right panders to the right…I got that. I just would have not paid for this. I may be wrong, but I don't think this was a portrayal of anything other than a campaign
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    • Author: Dianantrius
    Seal Team Six is a 2008 American war film directed by the producer of The Hurt Locker, John Stockwell, inspired by actual events. John Stockwell (born on March 25, 1961) is an American actor, director, producer, writer and former model. It's a low-budget film which deals with the end of the infamous al-Qaeda head, Bin Laden, on May 2nd 2011. Moreover, it's a very short film which lasts only 90 minutes. After receiving orders of their superiors about the guarded compound in Pakistan, US intelligence have to dismantle the mission in a time limited. Very close to Zero Dark Thirty by Kathryn Bigelow, SEAL Team Six focuses on the truthfulness of the events and of the actions. It looks like a documentary which protects the X files of the government. The facts in the film were not "confirmed or denied" by White House officials. On the first hand, the script and direction are fairly matter-of-fact, even if there are lots of amazing shots of sunsets and landscapes), but on the other hand, there are lots of excellent performances as Connors, Ross Martin (as Mangus), Kamala Devi (as Teela), Pat Conway (as Captain William Maynard), and Adam West (as Delahay). These performances show why Geronimo is a success. The defects of the film are to avoid torture and to add fiction to reality. Yet, this film has lots of qualities as the final gunfight, the suspense, the moment of actions and the witch hunt against Bin Laden. We can also talk of the effects which engender the sense of danger and peril. They are no clear "bad guys" and "good guys" here. Rather, the conflicts of the film are portrayed as resulting from cultural dispositions, duty and necessity. Moreover, the film is visually amazing. The movie seems to be fascinating and full of new development but it has some little errors. It was nominated for the "Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries Or Movie" and for the "Outstanding Sound Editing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special" in 2013. It was not the red-carpet premiere that John had in mind. Positive criticism: "Very interesting, I look first "Zero Dark Thirty" because it was a famous film by Kathryn Bigelow, and I personally think that "Code Name Geronimo" is better than it. The acting is amazing!" Negative criticism: "Fichtner, once again typecast as a stern authority figure, is arguably the best of a mediocre lot, but fails to ignite the film's plethora of arduous and poorly written scenes within US intelligence HQ. Similarly irksome is the grating contrivance that almost no member of this apparent 'crack team' of SEALs is able to keep their emotions in check for seemingly any longer than five minutes. Predictably, macho face-offs are in plentiful supply."

    To conclude, I personally think that this film is a human and subjective vision of the war by the soldiers who are constantly trapped between life and death. I prefer Seal Team Six because it is more realistic than Zero Dark Thirty which is too exaggerated.
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    • Author: Throw her heart
    It in painfully obvious that no part of the movie is shot in Pakistan. There's not even an effort to depict the actual landscape, people, language, dress, or culture of the area. Imagine a foreign film about New York City that shows cars with Texas license plates, and people with a southern drawl. Mix this with low budget graphics, shallow characters, and thoughtless bang bang, and you have a contender for the worst movie of the year.

    The seals in the movie are as real as in a video game. The actual mission of flying into OBL's compound, taking him out, and returning back to the base is filmed at high-school competence, and lacks suspense, drama and visuals that you would expect from a flick about this once-in-a-lifetime event. A total disaster.
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    • Author: Anyshoun
    Seems that any work of art depicting big historic moments must somehow live up to the subject in its own right. What would normally be a very entertaining, well made TV movie about a Seal operation now becomes a sub standard replication of a historic event that is maybe much too important to be told in such a light format. Or is it?

    I don't think it has to be anything more than what it is. If I leave politics out of the equation, all I see is a pretty neat piece of entertainment. Plus points: Camera, lighting, soundtrack, choice of actors, acting performances. Minus points: script, storytelling, at times unlucky mix of real and fake footage.

    The performances of William Fichtner and Robert Knepper were especially enjoyable. Knepper did an awesome job in annihilating his T-Bag persona, especially in scenes where the two were together. I admit, you look for that moment where one of them slips back into that Prison Break character. But nope, this was a new ballgame. Kathleen Robertson was the only one who came across non-authentic too many times, making the viewer slip out of the story. Once past her scenes, you slip right back into what is a well made, entertaining evening filler.

    All in all I'd say the movie doesn't deserve the bad ratings it got. It's definitely in the upper third. Especially noteworthy are the camera and lighting. Another thing worth mentioning is the low- key acting of Anson Mount and Xzibit. The real world illusion that Kathleen Robertson destroyed was build right up again with the performance of these and the other actors.

    If you're not a politically motivated person and you're not looking for a great message or statement, or an up-to the minute precise documentary of the actual events, this movie is well made, light entertainment.
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    • Author: Winasana
    I don't usually write reviews but out of frustration,found this method relaxing. I was waiting for this movie eagerly. When I first learned about OBL killing I was so over joyed. I read every news article and watched every news discussion/program. I knew whole lot about the mission just because I took personal interest in this incident. But know I know that Producers/Directors/writers of this movie knew nothing about raid at all. I think all the elements in the movie about raid were taken from the news articles which broke the news to world. Very little was known then. It was a Net Geo movie, but it was not any way closet to their standards. Script was poor and the execution of that poor script was even more poorer. Mindless emotional and personal rivalry scenes. Now that there is a book which has first hand account of the incident (and I've read that) so found these scenes very irritating. This movie has nothing to do with the OBL raid. It was just a Pro-Obama election propaganda.
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    • Author: TheFresh
    I've seen some dumb propaganda movies in my time but seriously? I had to turn this stupid movie off after just 10 minutes. The first 10 minutes showed Obama and how he was so involved while everyone else just wanted to sweep it under the carpet. Seriously? This was about as bad as some of his stupid negative political commercials that he showed during the election. I kept waiting for the movie to break out and say "Hi, I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message..."

    I know Hollywood loves Obama because of his support of everything liberal but come on folks... Can't you tell the story truthfully? After watching this poor one sided portrayal of a real historical event, you would have thought that Obama himself had trained the seals, gathered the intelligence and led the raid all by himself. This "director" should be banned from Hollywood.

    This was the dumbest after school special that I've ever seen. I found it about as believable as Killer Tomatoes from Outer Space.
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    • Author: Banal
    here are what i found after viewed this hollow and empty, full of gestures and big patriotic words, absolutely meant nothing but to give a last minute Viagra-like campaign dose for the incumbent presidential candidate. why aired this before the election? why released it so generously on 'facebook' and 'twitter'? i strongly doubt that the national geography magazine liked to show obama that this magazine 100% endorsing president obama and would like to continuously receive full annual budget from this administration by showing that the president has played a critical role authorizing this mission. with this film released just before the election, more voters would vote for him, or voters who once were uncertain would decide in the last few days to vote for him.

    okay, lets focus on this lousy film now. there was no strong storyline of this film. the cool actor who played the main character of 'hell on wheels" was totally wasted here. all the guys who played team members of the seal team 6 were just vague cardboard-like figures in this film. the dialog among the team members was so bored, there's nothing to watch for. some fighting scenes were totally unnecessary, they were jammed into this hollow film to fill up the empty spaces. the only good part was the CIA part, but still a very weak part. the training? it's absolutely a joke. the final raid? another big joke. after the raiders killed that 6'5" guy, suddenly, all the seal team 6 members were like taking a walk in new york's central park, walking down the stairs so relaxed, my god, what a lousy final moment of the raid. did you forget that you were carrying a secret mission in a sovereign country without the permission? did you guys know that time was the essence that you should immediately evacuate the target compound? but instead, what we saw was a bunch of u.s. GI so relaxingly walking down the stairs of that building just like walking out of the Yankee stadium after a ball game. give me a break.

    again, i am so convinced that this movie was funded by this administration for the purpose of gaining more votes for the incumbent. it's so ideologically disgusting and politically incorrect.
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    • Author: Yndanol
    Before reviewing this, let me be clear. I have the utmost respect for the special forces involved in the raid and the leadership that ordered it.

    I was really looking forward to this movie, but was very disappointed when I finally saw it. It's all based on about 3 facts, the other two hours are dramatized by NG. "well, the seals *could* have thought/said/did this and that would make to cool"

    The actors were just chosen to fill some stereotypical role. For example, the lead woman is the "sexy nerd" - some pretty actress who they dressed in the nerdiest glasses they could find.

    I'm somewhat offended at how they portrayed the seals - "If you ain't trained with us, you don't be knowing us".... sigh...

    Hopefully, someone will come along and do this historical event the justice it deserves!

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    • Author: Nilador
    Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden (2012)

    *** (out of 4)

    Made-for-TV docudrama taking a look at the Seal operation's twenty-two minute mission that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. The film starts off nearly a year earlier when the CIA comes across information of a possible hideout for the terrorist and then we follow the steps it took to take him down. SEAL TEAM SIX certainly isn't a masterpiece and there are all sorts of flaws in it but at the same time I think it gets the job done with a high entertainment factor. I think the film works best as pure entertainment because there's really a lack of drama or suspense that keeps it from being better. I'm not even certain how accurate everything is but this here doesn't matter too much because there's no question that the film grabs your attention right from the start and doesn't let it go. I think the best moments in the film are all the behind the scenes stuff where we get to see what was going on inside the CIA as they were trying to get the President to sign off on the operation. I enjoyed seeing this stuff as the CIA would have to discuss what proof they had that bin Laden was in this building as well as having to look at what would happen if they were wrong. The performances were all very good and one really couldn't ask for more. The flaws of the film include some very weak CGI effects at times as well as an annoying use of real photographs to try and build drama. Most of the photographs are of President Obama and having still frame photos in the movie just made the thing feel cheap and it certainly didn't add anything. We'll have to wait and see how the second, theatrical bin Laden movie will compare but while this one is flawed it's at least entertaining.
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    • Author: Vivados
    Amateur film-making. I've seen student films with better storytelling. Terrible. Terrible writing, directing, acting, and even producing. Everybody knows how important authenticity is today, and this film has none of it.

    There's so much wrong with this film; I don't even know where to start; and I only saw the first 5 minutes before I turned it down and started writing this review.

    You know a film is good when you can turn the sound off, and not only follow the story, but enjoy it. This docu-film was the opposite, they had to flood it with sound effects and mission impossible music in an attempt to build suspense. John Stockwell, note to self, "cut the film first, with speakers off, and tell a good story; then bring in your sound...but only where you really need it." You can't fix a bad film with sound; oh, and next time try and get a little further then Pasadena when shooting Afghanistan exteriors.

    This film is an embarrassment to JSOC, and I know those guys would have never wanted this made. But if you were gonna make it, the least you could have done was made it with some respect for those guys instead of Jason Borne meets Prison Break meets Homeland meets Mission Impossible; did you even try? But I'm sure Obama enjoyed watching himself in a real live, Made for Television Movie of the Week.

    It's just a pathetic, pre-madonna, self-serving product of these producers, and everyone else involved in this poor excuse for anything good.

    And did I hear "tunnel"? lol
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    • Author: Lamranilv
    This film was released just before an election. Much material was inserted to credit Obama with the operation and make him out to be the hero. You already know the basic outline of the real story and the fictional aspects presented are not very interesting. The weak fictional plot line revolves around two members of the team squabbling. Is this how the best of the SEAL teams act. Highly unlikely.

    Certain characters appear in an interview with an unknown interviewer. There is no explanation for the interviews. One interviewee mumbles and can barely be understood. Little of interest is presented in the interviews. They act as a kind of low production cost filler for a movie that would otherwise be too short. What happened to letting the characters tell their story though dialog and action?
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    • Author: Voodoogore
    Alright, i cant believe American are either really innocent or really dumb. The government keeps them feeding lies and they keep on accepting it ever since 9/11. A total crap movie promoting only Mr 'Bark'Ob mama, a guy who is always endangering the operational secrets of his own country for political gains.

    The movie wasn't even made close to Pakistan. it was filmed in India, .... which was a pathetic substitute for Pakistan since Abbotabad is a very green and hilly area and its always cold there and they showed a place like Afghanistan, Indian rickshaws, actors are Indian, bikes, pickup trucks, language is Hindi as well and they are showing thats .... Abbotabad Pakistan.

    And the part where PAF jets were scrambled and they just went back because they were warned? Oh come-on... i served 11 years in the armed forces n never once we back down if the sovereignty of our country is threatened or challenged. Imagine it was US sovereignty being challenged, would they ever back down? or any other nation. never. The world seems to forget Pakistan is not Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan'n....

    The character of Kathleen Robertson was so weak and idiotic i cant believe it, she shouldn't have been in the movie at the first place, a very bad actor she is. she should try porn.

    the movie is totally a waste of 90 minutes, and seriously people 'they have been feeding you enough lies... wake up.
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    • Author: Malak
    the biggest mistake of this movie is that it shot in a city near pune India which any one can clearly tell by the number plates on the cars MH 06 and everything is written in Hindi and marathi the local languages!! and two actors who are playing pakistani spies are actor who work in the local film industry and are quite famous in the marathi speaking state of maharashtra.i dunno what was the film crew thinking there how can they make a Indian city look like peshawar its so different!!Its clearly a low budget movie which went horribly wrong and the some of the Indian actors are not even mention in the credits.I don't understand why so many people could not observe this mistake.Zero dark thirty is a much much better movie which is shot in Pakistan.
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    • Author: Jugami
    It's on Netflix already, usually if a movie is that bad it goes Straight to Netflix with the rest of the Liberal trash. I was hoping for Pro Military film, this film did not do our boys any justice. There Trying make Obama look all pro Military witch is a huge mistake. I am Watching this film as we speak it sucks!!!

    Poor Acting inaccurate dysfunctional Obama Said "Choppers" That is a big No to a "helicopter" pilot if you don't believe me ask a veteran Helicopter Pilot that. This movie is Very Hollywood This movie is Crap! Sorry for the spoiler but its Fact!

    @leftbanker-1 how's that hope and change working for ya!!!? I'll send Your mortgage payment next week sorry bud got to pay for "your" Obama Care as well!
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    • Author: Dorilune
    A member named Mark Owen of the Devgru(Team Six) published a book called "No Easy Day" just a few months ago. I highly recommend the filmmakers of this picture to go take an eye on it.

    And secondly, please learn a bit of the meaning of the word "fact" and "respect".

    Because these people have gone too far from the fact and just made this raid too one-sided and looks like a "bully" sequence of scenes, In my opinion, This film team is either insulting audiences' intelligence or they are too loyal to their dream work, and to the later point i can totally understand why there are people giving this poor piece of work a 10 out of 10.

    Come on, respect the term "FILM" okay? Just do it for others, please! please! I beg you please!

    Jesus Christ
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    • Author: Voodoolkree
    Having just seen Zero Dark Thirty in theaters I thought it would be entertaining to watch a more docudrama approach to the topic. Ironically the documentary part of this movie is the weakest part - the "interviews" are stilted and wooden and unconvincing.

    The rest of the movie is actually quite good. I enjoyed the training and preparation footage, the on-the-ground assets work, and the whole vaccination attempt. The actual mission could have been longer, with more suspense - as it was done, it was all rather matter of fact. There was additional detail (don't know if it's accurate) about what happened to the Pakistani air force and the story with locals on the ground.

    All in all, I enjoyed it and if you want to fill in some blanks on the Osama bin Laden it's worth watching.
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    • Author: Nirad
    This is inevitably the type of film that brings a lot of criticism. Yes it was low budget, yes it was TV movie or the same production value of it but that can make for some really crappy films and this was actually very entertaining. Factually accurate? Likely not even remotely close. Although it does use some of the more commonly accepted facts of the infamous situation. The acting is good but certainly not great but the pseudo-documentary feel works well and the action scenes are well executed. The film builds a lot of tension throughout as you anxiously await the final raid that kills Osama Bin Laden. The final raid is done very well and is satisfying to the utmost. I was really hesitant to watch this because I am so tired of low budget, cheesy fluff and this seemed like a complete knock off of Zero Dark Thirty (which I have not seen yet but am dying too!) So this one was a very nice surprise. It isn't perfect and it isn't going to blow you away but anyone going in this with high expectations clearly doesn't watch a lot of movies. TV/Second string actors, straight to video release just prior to a full Hollywood production based on the same subject matter...anyone who expected this to be huge will be mistaken. But entertaining? Absolutely.

    The film really is all about the team. There is no one performance that is really focused on. Everyone sort of supports the story and that works well for the film, although no one really gets to stand out because of this and then in the same boat no one drags it down either. I enjoy Cam Gigandet whenever I see him in things. He's always a background player and that works for him. He's good in the movie as the team leader though he seems very young (which they do make note of.) He isn't star power by any means but he does alright. Anson Mount probably gives one of the best performances in the film as Cherry. He has some really emotional scenes and the tension between him and Gigandet's Stunner makes for some very good drama. Freddy Rodríguez and Xzibit round out the Seal Team and they are good but basically just background characters to fill the team. Kathleen Robertson plays essentially the same role as Jessica Chastain does in the Hollywood counterpart. Robertson is okay but she certainly shows a lack of experience. She just feels too green to pull off the role. Two of my favourite Prison Break alumni's Robert Knepper and William Fichtner are both really good in their perspective roles. I was really impressed by Knepper who I've only seen in creepy killer roles. He actually gave a subtle and powerful performance as the teams Commander. Eddie Kaye Thomas played a good role although his introduction on screen was odd because he had no lines in a scene with him, Fichtner, and Robertson where he stands there and nods looking awkward.

    I think given a director with a little more experience and talent this might have actually been nearly theatre worthy. However, I understand that a budget can only go so far and I believe this was made very cheaply. Editing is lacking severely at times, the acting is good but not great but realistically this is a perfectly entertaining film and a good holdover until Zero Dark Thirty. I don't think this was ever meant to be a critically acclaimed historically accurate picture but rather just something to entertain and it does that well. 7/10
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    • Author: ALAN
    It was only a matter of time for the movies to start flowing in regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Currently there are at least three different films out or coming out featuring this story. One is a big budget release coming in January, another gives it a zombie twist and the last is the National Geographic film Seal Team Six: the Hunt For Osama Bin Laden. There is no mystery about its premise, but this one sports a great cast featuring Cam Gigandet, Anson Mount, Freddy Rodriguez, Xzibit, Robert Knepper, Eddie Kaye Thomas, William Fichtner, and Kathleen Robertson, but does capture the essence of this important moment in history?

    Seal Tem Six follows the Seal Team Six as they prep for the biggest mission of their lives and the government agencies that set everything in motion to finally end the manhunt for Osama bin Laden. The format of this movie is laid out with a cross between a documentary and feature with the characters speaking to a camera doing interviews about the events leading up to the mission. The movie plays fairly well to attempt to deliver enough information on all fronts to build the tension up to the end result which we all already know. The only real issue here is that there is a lot of unnecessary drama within the Seal Team that really leads to nowhere in the bigger picture. All the cast do a fine job with their characters and bringing this even to life, but at the same time they really aren't given a whole lot to do. The focus here was trying to be mostly on the Seal Team, but this story is more about the manhunt and everything that lead up to their mission, but here that is secondary. There seemed to be an attempt to add a bit more depth to every aspect of this story and it works fine, just seemed a bit rushed with so much content with some of it just not needed.

    Knowing it was a TV movie for the National Geographic channel actually steps this film up a bit. It has great production value and cast for this sort of movie that you just wouldn't expect. Some of the mission action sequences play more like a first person shooter game that kind of takes away from the film, but at the same time helps to take you in the action in a bit of a creative way. If you have any interest in this important event in our history and everyone should, then you should give this movie a try.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Cam Gigandet Cam Gigandet - Stunner
    Anson Mount Anson Mount - Cherry
    Freddy Rodríguez Freddy Rodríguez - Trench (as Freddy Rodriguez)
    Xzibit Xzibit - Mule (as Alvin 'Xzibit' Joiner)
    Kathleen Robertson Kathleen Robertson - Vivian
    Robert Knepper Robert Knepper - Lieutenant Commander
    Eddie Kaye Thomas Eddie Kaye Thomas - Christian
    Kenneth Miller Kenneth Miller - Sauce
    William Fichtner William Fichtner - Mr. Guidry
    Jenny Gabrielle Jenny Gabrielle - Tricia
    Mo Gallini Mo Gallini - Interrogator
    Suhail Dabbach Suhail Dabbach - Arab Man
    Tait Fletcher Tait Fletcher - D-Punch
    Sarah Minnich Sarah Minnich - Waitress
    Kristen DeVore Rakes Kristen DeVore Rakes - CIA Analyst (as Kristen Rakes)
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