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Peace, freedom, and liberty. All that make up a nation. But this is threatened by terrorist, rebels, etc. It is up to you and an elite US NAVY SEALS team to stop such actions from destroying freedom in locations such as: Brazil, Russia, and Albania.

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    • Author: Kazijora
    I wasn't much of a Socom fan when the first game was released, my friends kept on saying how it was an amazing game and that i should get it. Eventually i got round to purchasing my copy of Socom 1, i was quite surprised as to the effectiveness of the headset that gave you the ability to command your three other squad mates around and the general feel of the game. But the story mode only went so far and i would have rated the game about a 7/10, then i got it online. Long story short i loved it to death, and when Socom 2 came out i was on my hands and knees thanking the lord for a sequel.

    Socom 2 online is amazing without online it scores around about 7-8/10, but with online it could score 10. Sadly the developers rushed the European version and the game falls in so many areas such as the tremendous amount of lag that rarely happened in the first game, and the terrorist weapons really are crap when compared to the seals. Still this game is amazing and with the added fact of unlocking Russian Spetznaz operatives and British SAS special forces *YAY!* this game will consume you and generally hook you after your first five minutes of play. A word of warning though! If you plan to get online don't feel to bad if you repeatedly get your arse completely thrashed for the first couple of months or so, people who play online play from 3 to 10 hours a day! I have been playing the Socom games online now for 8 months for at least 2 hours a day when i can, and i still get caned!!!!!

    Socom 1 = 7/10, Socom 2 = 9/10, Socom 3 = I can't wait to find out!!!
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    • Author: Purebinder
    OK, let's start off with i still played this from the day it came out, to this day in 2007. It is perfect, it is like a 2005-2006 game in 2003, (Technology changed!) so basically you got a fun and semi-challenging offline. (HARD FOR BEGGINERS) but I play online, best online game ever to me! plenty of realistic guns, voices, and the "CHARACTER TAUNTS" voices online are translated to actually foreign languages! There is plenty of glitches for any glitch-hounds. There is a good amount of blood for anyone hoping for a bloody war game, and there is an addicting game called SOCOM2! Rated M for Mature - violence, blood (DRUG REFERENCE SHOULD BE IN THERE..)
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    • Author: Xcorn
    This game surpasses Part 1. This game brings in more realism, for example: If you order the team to HOLD FIRE and if an enemy is near and they'll shoot him and say, " Sorry sir, he was getting to close". This time your Spectre and Jester is your partner, theres also Wardog and Vandal. Now theres Shotguns and Rocket Launchers. I reccomend this to anyone who likes playing excellent games.

    ***** out of *****
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Vanessa Marshall Vanessa Marshall - HQ (voice)
    Paul Mercier Paul Mercier - SEAL Commander SPECTER (voice)
    Jason Spisak Jason Spisak - SEAL Operative JESTER (voice)
    Michael Clarke Duncan Michael Clarke Duncan - SEAL Operative WARDOG (voice) (as Michael Clark Duncan)
    Larry Cedar Larry Cedar - SEAL Operative VANDAL (voice)
    Greg Ellis Greg Ellis - British S.A.S. Operative SABRE (voice)
    Julian Stone Julian Stone - British S.A.S. Operative REAVER (voice)
    Jim Ward Jim Ward - Russian Spetznaz Operative POLARIS (voice)
    Quinton Flynn Quinton Flynn - Russian Spetznaz Operative BLUDSHOT (voice)
    Kast Hasa Kast Hasa - Pashko / Castrioti Sesseri / Additional Albania VO (voice) (as Kastriot Hasa)
    Meti Kusari Meti Kusari - Pius Platz (voice)
    Isa Jonay Isa Jonay - Foreman Besnik / Additional Albanian VO (voice)
    Shukri Rexha Shukri Rexha - General Rugova (voice)
    Mikush Lleshdedaj Mikush Lleshdedaj - Additional Albania VO (voice)
    Val Morrison Val Morrison - Additional Albania VO (voice) (as Val Marijan)
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