» » Leave It to Beaver Wally's Chauffeur (1957–1963)

Short summary

Wally and his friends are going to a "grown up" country club dance on Saturday. Wally and his date, Evelyn Boothby, are planning on getting a ride to the dance with Lumpy. Ward forbids Wally to go with Lumpy as he and Evelyn will be one of four couples in what would be Lumpy's overcrowded car. Wally, feeling he's too old to have his "daddy" drive him to the event or worse have Evelyn drive, doesn't think he can get another ride so soon before the dance. When he tells Evelyn the issue of not being able to go with Lumpy, Evelyn tells Wally that she'll try and find another ride for them. Unknown to Wally, what Evelyn is planning to do is ask her father if she can borrow his car and drive herself. Mr. Boothby agrees. When Evelyn arrives to pick up Wally, he's mortified, but his parents make him go to the dance. Wally's friends can't help but give Wally the business about having a girl be his chauffeur. Everyone's view of the situation changes after the dance.

Brad Morrow who plays the 2nd boy played Hugh Beaumont's son in the Adventures of Superman episode "The Big Squueze"

Episode complete credited cast:
Barbara Billingsley Barbara Billingsley - June Cleaver
Hugh Beaumont Hugh Beaumont - Ward Cleaver
Tony Dow Tony Dow - Wally Cleaver
Jerry Mathers Jerry Mathers - Theodore Cleaver
Frank Bank Frank Bank - Clarence Rutherford
Mary Mitchel Mary Mitchel - Evelyn Boothby
James Seay James Seay - Mr. Boothby
Mark Allen Mark Allen - Policeman
Eddie Pagett Eddie Pagett - 1st Boy (as Ed Pagett)
Brad Morrow Brad Morrow - 2nd Boy
George Spicer George Spicer - 3rd Boy
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