» » Leave It to Beaver A Night in the Woods (1957–1963)

Short summary

A couple of days before their scheduled departure, Mr. Bates has to cancel the long planned weekend long camping trip on which he was going to take Gilbert, Beaver, Whitey and Alan. The disappointed boys look for another parent to act as their chaperon, none who are available. Whitey and Alan suggest Wally, and want Beaver to ask him in front of his parents, as that ploy would back Wally into a corner. Although Wally doesn't appreciate the ploy itself, he does eventually agree to take the boys as he has made no other plans for the weekend. Later, Eddie and Lumpy end up being dependent upon Wally for a triple date on Sunday afternoon (i.e. Eddie and Lumpy's dates won't go unless Wally goes), and will do anything to get Wally to go out with them, despite Wally not planning on being back from camping by then. Since Wally doesn't fall for their more direct approach of trying to stop him and the boys from going on the camping trip at all, Eddie and Lumpy figure they have to be a little ...

Episode complete credited cast:
Barbara Billingsley Barbara Billingsley - June Cleaver
Hugh Beaumont Hugh Beaumont - Ward Cleaver
Tony Dow Tony Dow - Wally Cleaver
Jerry Mathers Jerry Mathers - Theodore Cleaver
Ken Osmond Ken Osmond - Eddie Haskell
Stephen Talbot Stephen Talbot - Gilbert Bates
Frank Bank Frank Bank - Clarence Rutherford
John Hart John Hart - Forest Ranger
Stanley Fafara Stanley Fafara - Whitey Whitney
Mark Murray Mark Murray - Alan Boothby
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