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Beer: An Insider's Guide Season 1

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    • Author: Vital Beast
    The program makes some HORRIBLE mistakes that feed the misinformation that the public clings to. Ales are NOT stronger (Blond, Cream), Lager is NOT always a light beer (Doppelbock), Stouts are not always heavy and full bodied, Dark beer is not heavy.

    "Experts" making statements like "I think" to information is another big problem.

    The information is sometimes just staggeringly false! Just because the researcher has never heard of something, IT DOES NOT MEAN NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF IT!

    Clearly the information has not been researched enough and the the data has been centered around Australia, forgetting about the rest of the world.

    Would not recommend this to anyone who is even slightly serious about beer.
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    Hugh Wade Hugh Wade - Narrator 6 episodes, 2004
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