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Short summary

Three high school kids embark on a beer run for some hot college girls. When they run into a former boyfriend of one of the girls, they soon find out that this beer run is going to be harder than thought.
It's college tour season and Wes, your average high school senior, is touring R.S. University with his easily distracted best friend Zack. While on tour, Wes sees Kylie, the most gorgeous college girl he's ever seen. After an incident with a flying shoe, Wes gets to talking with Kylie and she invites him over that night for pizza and movies, but he has to get the beer. The mission is set: Get beer for hot college girls. Trouble and mayhem ensue when Wes and company run into not so friendly college dudes.

Set at the fictional RS University, inspired by the aliases of the writers "Rodriguez" and "Sandbag".

The characters Gwen and Stacey are named after the popular Spider-Man love interest.

The feet in the scene where the hot angel rubs Theo's feet are not those of Theo. He was unavailable on the day of shooting as this scene was shot a month after principle photography ended.

Credited cast:
Brian Amyot Brian Amyot - Himself
Chris Carvalho Chris Carvalho - Kove
Kaitlin Clark Kaitlin Clark - Stacey (as Kaity Clark)
Tita Ferick Tita Ferick - Kylie
Maureen Fewel Maureen Fewel - Gwen
Mike Glennon Mike Glennon - Theo
Charlene Miller Charlene Miller - Hot Angel
Peter Quain Peter Quain - Wes
Zach Schiff Zach Schiff - Zack
Robert Specland Robert Specland - Warner (as Rob Specland)
Johnny Variale Johnny Variale - Shitter Nose
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