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The Insider brings you the latest celebrity and entertainment news. The Insider tackles the trending celebrity stories of the day, as well as exclusive interviews and in-depth reporting.

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    • Author: Forey
    I really hate this type of show. I blame them for creating a population of morons who equate big budgets, box office numbers, and Nielsen ratings with actual quality. Of all of them (ET, MTV "News", EXTRA, and their ilk), THE INSIDER has to be the worst. Their so-called exclusive interviews are hardly exclusive (ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT runs in the same time slot here and if I flip channels, I almost always see the exact same story). They milk stories to death (I swear they've run the same Richard Pryor interview every week since the series began). In what was already a show filled with puff pieces, insipid happy talk, and maudlin insincere sentiment, they bring in... KATHIE LEE GIFFORD! Just when I thought we were finally rid of that talentless phony, she's back on TV everyday. Pure torture. If you value your brain cells, don't watch this.
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    • Author: Shakar
    Is your life so empty that you find it fulfilling to live it through the lives of celebrities? Are you so shallow that you consider a celebrity text message a "news story"? Do you enjoy staring at deformed people to make yourself feel better? If so, then the Insider just might be for you! This is quite simply one of the dumbest shows ever. It makes other gossip TV shows look informative. Everybody involved with this show should feel ashamed of themselves. (And no, I don't watch the show. I've seen it one or twice but am mostly familiar with it just by flipping channels.) Oh, and don't fall for their "story's coming up in two minutes" line: they'll drag you along for half the show before they disappoint you.
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    • Author: Ceck
    The Insider and ET have got to be two of the most irritating shows on television! The majority of the program they spend showing you preview teasers OVER AN OVER and OVER of what they are going to air. They spend more time previewing what's coming on than actually showing it! When you finally get to see what all the hype was about, it's shorter than the preview! I wish I could find out where to complain about these two shows, but they have no email addresses that I can find. I can't stand the female announcer's voice at the beginning of the show either. She needs to be reporting for the National Enquirer! Why they find it necessary to constantly repeat these teasers is beyond me. Is it for lack of good material? I would venture to guess that out of a whole 30 minute show, allowing for commercials, you are getting about 10 minutes of actual reporting. The rest is all teaser. I want to throw a shoe through the TV screen! Somebody PLEEZE get these shows to STOP the ridiculous teasers! ENOUGH ALREADY!
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    • Author: Whitebeard
    The Insider and Entertainment Tonight are just two annoying television shows regarding the entertainment industry. I get more information from the TMZ show. Most of the time, they are just promoting stories and teasing the audience about it. When they get to the promoted story, they spend less time than you can imagine. I remember Lara Spencer who was a reporter for ABC in the New York City affiliate before coming to The Insider. She is promising reporter but she spends so much time on fluff stuff. Entertainment news shows are past it's prime with competition E!, internet, and other shows. Entertainment Tonight was the first and probably the best until now. The Insider is just the expanded hour and promo into Entertainment Tonight anyway. Besides, they used to focus on all kinds of celebrities back in the day when you couldn't miss it. Today, the celebrities that are covered on these shows aren't worthy of the attention. I remember when they remembered celebrities who passed away. At the end of the show, they would roll clips and play music. I was hoping that with Estelle Getty that they would do the same thing by remembering her with clips from her career and interviews while playing the Golden Girls theme song. That was a missed opportunity. Instead, they talked about what's coming up next. They used to do that before the credits rolled.
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    • Author: Agantrius
    Another alleged tabloid TV show about "celebrity gossip", only the casual and astute viewer both will note that this program predominantly focuses on interracial couples.

    I personally don't think that's a bad idea at all, except that you'll note that it's more forced than an actual expose on "who likes who". The stories are in point in fact manufactured as a multimedia visual example to encourage people to go beyond their social and ethnic circle to look for love by witnessing the examples of personalities in popular media who have done the same.

    In other words, this whole show appears to be one giant come on, much like the articles in popular women's magazines. The concept to is put forth social concepts and see if they fly with the American public. The same thing is done in the UK and a few other nations, but this particular show is so lo-brow and blatant that one wonders how it's survived all these years.

    It's also testimony to the fact that regular intelligent films for adults are dead, and that what reigns supreme is not the so called movie star or yesteryear, but the person who makes a lot of money and gets notoriety for it.

    Movies and the actors in them no longer get the lion's share of the popular media spotlight. They are now essentially assuming the crown of the Broadway actor, and have to play second fiddle to people are popular among the people for no good reason. At one time in this nation's history Broadway was the place to make your acting fame. Then movies came along and it became the Hollywood movie star. Now that's not even the case.

    Is that a good thing? The truth is I really couldn't care less (the G-rated version of what I want to say), as this kind of programming just insults my mind. But, for what it's worth, I'm glad people (probably mostly women) aren't going gah-gah for some actor, but now are going nuts over anyone who gets their name in the news.

    Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    In the words of Robert Townsend in "Hollywood Shuffle", I give this show, the finger.
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    • Author: NI_Rak
    At first this was kind of hit.

    I liked (Pat O'Brien). The news. The guests. It was a thrilling magazine indeed. I hated making a fuss about something, to discover later that it was totally nothing. But this is journalism anyway!

    After that OH MY GOD!!!

    It's about (Donny Osmond). What (Donny Osmond) did today? What (Donny Osmond) didn't do today? How many times did he go the bathroom today ? And what about his sister (Marie Osmond)? Did she call him today? Did she not ? Actually why they didn't call it (Donny Osmond's Own Daily News Show) or (Donny Osmond's TV blog !). They even at one point hired him as a host (Grrrrr !). Meanwhile nobody ever told me what happened to (Pat O'Brien) who disappeared suddenly and vaguely!

    After that (yes.. there is more) just DAMN! They put a table. Brought (Star Jones). Some people I don't know (and I don't want to know either!). To do nothing but yak, yak, yak and yak !

    They tried to bring the best of the old Insider and The View, to end up as the worst of any time I spend in front of the TV!

    It became impossible to stand arguing oaf matters. They talk loudly, and so ardently, about everything that I don't care about (and any sane human mustn't !). The whole thing turned into a talebearing sessions where crap is being discussed so seriously. Sometimes I feel so pity for them. And sometimes I just yell "Shut Up" !

    Take it from me : CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Otherwise, you'll be a fool yourself!
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    • Author: Xanzay
    I think Lara Spencer does a spectacular job on the insider. I think the only thing that exceeds her job performance is her spectacularly great looks

    and physique. I love her as anchor. I wish she would contact me as I am undoubtedly her no.1 fan. I think she is great at what she does.As well as the way she does it!Lara, you are great!Keep up the excellent work! You deserve every bit of success you have achieved as you have earned it. I am amazed at how you can take care of 2 kids along with pleasing your husband. Do you exercise 7x a week. Because you look very lean, svelte, and gorgeous all the time. Age has not affected you in the least bit. What is you secret to staying in such great shape?
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