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When Miranda learns Steve has testicular cancer, she gives him a 'kick in the balls' about taking it serious and then feels guilty, but he ends up thanking her for making him get the best possible care. Samantha can have orgasms again but freaks out every time a date asks about her plans for the weekend, so she accepts when Carrie begs her to come to Aidan's wood cabin up state where city girls feel stranded; Sam quickly focuses on hunky farmer Luke, Carrie crashes in front of Aidan. Charlotte is in the McDougals posh Connecticut country house where mother in law Bunny nurses orchids and sits at Trey's bath planning her still hypothetical grandchild's future, just when Charlotte's meticulous fertility planning dictates using Trey's saved up seed...

The Frozen Cup where she goes for a meal in "New Jersey" is really an only ice cream place on long island Nassau/queens border in New York.

At the end Samantha kicks her leg out to get a cab. Carrie does it in Abu Dhabi, when they're trying to get to the airport in Sex and the City 2. She was mimicking Claudette Colbert from It Happened One Night which she & Big watched after Stanford & Anthony's wedding. A little white noise

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    • Author: Carrot
    This is one of my favorite episodes because it contains the Big vs Aidan showdown (some basketball, attempted fisticuffs and finally mud wrestling). I wanted to search the forums (THANKS IMDb ASSHOLES) but apparently they are gone - for a quote I remembered because it pertains to a recent situation. Something Big says about "we're grown men, we don't make new friends." I wanted to show this to a recent new acquaintence I made who seems reluctant to go do some guy stuff that I invited him to. I just wanted to say... it's OK, I understand it's just like that Sex & the City episode where Big says "....... " but I guess I won't get the exact quote now.

    Also want to make a note that as much as this was beloved by people when it came out. Now that I watch Sex & the City clips on Youtube, in the comments Carrie is universally panned. Everyone hates the bitch now, in a few years everyone will probably hate the show because it contains a group of selfish, materialistic "bitches" that live a meaningless lifestyle. Times change.... PS Miranda is my favorite now, used to be Charlotte cuz she was so cute but Miranda is closest to my soul mate. F*ck Carrie.
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    • Author: salivan
    Carrie is dragged to Aidan's country home in Suffern, New York. Charlotte visits the MacDougal "compound" in Connecticut. Miranda yells at Steve when he tells her he has testicular cancer but has no clue about his condition. Samantha gets annoyed when her dates keep asking her what she's doing "next weekend".All of these happens in Sex And The Country.

    In this episode,we get to see Charlotte and Trey continue in their quest to have a baby inspite of the latter's impotence problem.Aside from that,we also feel pity for Steve's health condition but unfortunately,he does not want any of it even from Miranda.And going back to Carrie and Aidan,we get to see them go outside New York City and try to reconnect.Overall,this episode shows the struggles they are all undergoing and deal with them as well.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker - Carrie Bradshaw
    Kim Cattrall Kim Cattrall - Samantha Jones
    Kristin Davis Kristin Davis - Charlotte York
    Cynthia Nixon Cynthia Nixon - Miranda Hobbes
    Chris Noth Chris Noth - Mr. Big
    John Corbett John Corbett - Aidan Shaw
    David Eigenberg David Eigenberg - Steve Brady
    Kyle MacLachlan Kyle MacLachlan - Trey MacDougal
    Frances Sternhagen Frances Sternhagen - Bunny MacDougal
    Christopher Braden Christopher Braden - Farmer Luke
    Christian Harmony Christian Harmony - Stud (as Christian William)
    Theresa Spruill Theresa Spruill - Nurse
    Noemie Ditzler Noemie Ditzler - Willow
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