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Jess riding with Sheriff Cory find the camp of three men they think robbed the Laramie bank where one of them shot Mike Williams wounding him severely. They find two of the robbers shot along with a faked third man. One man is still barely alive. He tells them the third man went by the name Mitch and bought his horse in Chloride, a nearly broke mining town. Sheriff Cory must return to Laramie so Jess Harper decides to go on the trail of the third man alone with Sheriff Cory's badge to prove his identity. His only clues are the name and town. Jess arrives in Chloride on a lame horse and finds himself short on friends and long on enemies when his reception at the livery stable turns into a fight. His only ally is Jamie, the groom in the livery stable tending his horse, who ends up saving his life after Jess asks one too many questions. Jamie has his own need for revenge and Jess won't rest until the man who wounded Mike is brought to justice. It's Jess and Jamie against the corrupt ...

Jamie saves Jess by escaping through a tunnel that had an exit in the woods. Ivan Dixon would go on to play Sgt. James "Kinch" Kinchloe on Ein Käfig voller Helden (1965) two years later, and would use a similar tunnel into the woods to come and go from the prison camp.

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    • Author: Jia
    Robert Fuller as a special deputy is trailing an outlaw to the town of Chloride in this final season opener for Laramie. It's personal too since some wild shooting during a bank holdup there resulted in young Dennis Holmes being shot.

    The shooter is a truly loathsome creep played by Jan Merlin who has protection from the sheriff of Chloride Claude Akins. He also has a two timing girlfriend in Dolores Michaels. In fact the only friend Jess Harper has is former slave Ivan Dixon working in the stable.

    The two have a close run escape during the episode. How they did it is due to some experience Dixon had in avoiding slave catchers. In the end the baddies get western style justice.

    A good opening for season 4.
  • Episode cast overview:
    John Smith John Smith - Slim Sherman
    Robert Fuller Robert Fuller - Jess Harper
    Spring Byington Spring Byington - Daisy Cooper
    Dennis Holmes Dennis Holmes - Mike Williams
    Claude Akins Claude Akins - Sheriff Tyler Shaw
    Dolores Michaels Dolores Michaels - Nona
    Ivan Dixon Ivan Dixon - Jamie Davis
    William Bramley William Bramley - Hanson
    Stuart Randall Stuart Randall - Sheriff Mort Cory
    L.Q. Jones L.Q. Jones - Neeley
    William Boyett William Boyett - Porter
    Chuck Roberson Chuck Roberson - Croft
    Jan Merlin Jan Merlin - Milo Gordon
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