» » Lawman The Stalker (1958–1962)

Short summary

Well known trapper Alteeka McClintoch arrives in Laramie to sell his furs and restock supplies. Bully Jess Schaeffer hassles the good natured Alteeka who stops it by knocking Jess on the ground with no harm intended. Jess takes it personally but his brother Compton stops him. Alteeka sells his furs and says hi to his old trapping friend Marshal Troop. Alteeka goes to the Birdcage for a beer (he hates whiskey) where Jess at gunpoint forces Alteeka to drink a shot of whiskey. The gun is not loaded but Alteeka knocks Jess across the bar onto a table and the floor with one hit breaking Jess' neck killing him. Alteeka runs off forcing Troop to track his old friend. Alteeka traps Troop in a hole dug to trap wild animals but falls in himself when he shoots a cougar. They help each other out but at Alteeka's cabin Compton and a friend try to take Alteeka. Alteeka disarms Compton and Troop knocks out the friend.

Episode cast overview:
John Russell John Russell - Marshal Dan Troop
Peter Brown Peter Brown - Deputy Johnny McKay
Peggie Castle Peggie Castle - Lily Merrill
Peter Whitney Peter Whitney - Alteeka McClintoch
Harry Lauter Harry Lauter - Compton Schaeffer
Don 'Red' Barry Don 'Red' Barry - Jess Schaeffer (as Don Barry)
Dan Sheridan Dan Sheridan - Jake Summers
Bob Gunderson Bob Gunderson - Masten
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