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Christmas Eve - and the one year anniversary of Nate and Brenda's meeting and Nathaniel Fisher's death - is approaching, and this year, the Fishers are requested by bikers to allow the funeral home to be open on Christmas Day so they can have a party/memorial service for Jesse Ray Johnson, who was involved in a motorcycle accident on his way to his part-time job as a mall Santa while greeting some kids. The family (and Rico) each remember their last moments with Nathaniel and, in most cases, regret what they didn't do for him before he died. On Christmas Eve Brenda's mother invites Brenda and Nate over for dinner with a "special guest", who turns out to be Billy. Ruth prepares to take Claire to church with David out to visit Keith and Taylor, but they never make it when they enter Nikolai's shop to see it robbed and him shot in the legs with both now broken. Ruth decides, to the chagrin of the family, that he'll stay with them until he can walk, since he has no insurance. Nate is ...

Gary Busey auditioned for the role of Pete.

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    While driving his motorcycle for a temporary work as Santa Claus in a mall, the biker Jesse Ray Johnson waves to three children on the sidewalk and dies in a traffic accident. His beloved wife Marilyn Johnson and two friends of Jessie hire the best services of Fisher & Sons Funeral Home for the funeral, but under the condition of using the place for a party with their bikers' friends on the Christmas day. Rico is pressed by Vanessa and tells her the truth about Ramon, and later Vanessa discloses the secret to Ramon's wife Graciela. Ruth invites the whole family to have Christmas dinner together with their mates. Claire invites Toby; Nate and Brendan and David invites Keith and Taylor. Each member of the Fisher family recalls a moment with Nathaniel. Nikolai has two broken legs in a burglary to his store, and without health plan, is treated by Ruth. The unstable Brenda flirts with a man in a store, and later she tells Melissa. Brenda and Nate are invited to dinner with Margaret on the Christmas Eve, and surprisingly Billy is there, invited by his dysfunctional mother, affecting Brenda. Nate has a siege and finally tells Brenda about his AVM. Claire is corresponding through e-mails with Billy. Taylor's mother returns home.

    "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is a great episode of this second season. Nate has a lesson of life with the widow Marilyn Johnson. The intriguing and unstable Brenda now has to face Billy and her mother, and becomes aware of Nate's illness. The close destructive contacted of Claire with Billy is a question mark in the story, and the return of the addicted mother of Taylor in a moment where Keith is disturbed is also very intriguing. The consequences for Rico of the revelation of Vanessa to Graciela may also bring serious consequences. The beautiful pray of Keith is one of the best moments of this episode. My vote is ten.

    Title (Brazil): "Uma Época Mágica" ("A Magic Time")
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Peter Krause Peter Krause - Nate Fisher
    Michael C. Hall Michael C. Hall - David Fisher
    Frances Conroy Frances Conroy - Ruth Fisher
    Lauren Ambrose Lauren Ambrose - Claire Fisher
    Freddy Rodríguez Freddy Rodríguez - Federico 'Rico' Diaz
    Mathew St. Patrick Mathew St. Patrick - Keith Charles
    Rachel Griffiths Rachel Griffiths - Brenda Chenowith
    Joanna Cassidy Joanna Cassidy - Margaret Chenowith
    Richard Jenkins Richard Jenkins - Nathaniel Fisher
    Jeremy Sisto Jeremy Sisto - Billy Chenowith
    Ed O'Ross Ed O'Ross - Nikolai
    Justina Machado Justina Machado - Vanessa Diaz
    Aysia Polk Aysia Polk - Taylor
    Kellie Waymire Kellie Waymire - Melissa
    Rusty Schwimmer Rusty Schwimmer - Marilyn Johnson
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