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When her widowed mother became afflicted with a severe illness, the young stenographer's scanty savings were quickly eaten up by medicine and doctor bills. She then borrowed money from a loan shark, and the interest on this loan became a heavy drain on her small salary. Additional funds were needed, but the creditor refused to advance any more except that she become his wife. She repulsed him, but later, to save her mother, she consented. Her husband was a brute; his only thought being for gold. One day the wife met a poor woman in the park weeping bitterly. She learned that the woman was about to lose all her belongings to pay the extortionate claims of a loan shark, who was her husband. The wife took the woman to her husband's office, but she only met with his usual harshness and he told the woman to either pay or take the consequences. The next day the wife left her husband, taking her little boy with her. The husband was glad of this because it would save him money. The loan shark...

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    • Author: Keath
    A two-reel offering which stands out well in comparison with many recent double numbers. James Cruze gives a fine characterization of the unscrupulous usurer, who is by a turn of fate evicted from one of his own tenement houses by his own order, Florence LaBadie appears to advantage also in the part of the young wife. The story covers a period of six years and is very nicely worked out. The scenes are in harmony with the spirit of the story and the photography is good. A desirable release. - The Moving Picture World, June 21, 1913
  • Cast overview:
    James Cruze James Cruze - Mr. Jenks, the Usurer
    Florence La Badie Florence La Badie - Mary Drent, a Young Wife & Mother
    Sidney Blair Sidney Blair
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