» » Samson en Gert Het liftspook (1990– )

Short summary

On the ministerial delegate's budget cuts-related orders, the town hall elevator is labeled 'do not use', to save energy. The mayor has a hard time preventing people from using it, as all offer reasons or excuses for 'exceptions'. So the mayor asks Van Leemhuizen to simulate a ghost inside the elevator, which seems fun to do. Alberto and Samson easily believe it, but already skeptic Gert soon catches the pranksters, unseen, and plans revenge on both.

Episode cast overview:
Gert Verhulst Gert Verhulst - Gert
Danny Verbiest Danny Verbiest - Samson (voice)
Koen Crucke Koen Crucke - Albert 'Alberto Vermicelli' Vermeersch
Walter De Donder Walter De Donder - Burgemeester
Hans Royaards Hans Royaards - Afgevaardigde van de minister
Walter Baele Walter Baele - Eugène Van Leemhuyzen
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