» » God's Gift: 14 Days Episode #1.2 (2014– )

Short summary

The bad news begins reaching characters and causing devastation and heartbreak. There's now no doubt that Han Sa Byul has been kidnapped by the serial killer who claims he's making a political statement. Kim Soo Hyun has every raw emotion captured on camera and broadcast. In desperation, she takes a chance and eludes police as she offers money and then fights for the life of her daughter. She goes on camera again to beg for mercy for her daughter from the killer, but ends it with a threat. Han Ji Hoon attempts to take an active part in the investigation, but Kim Soo Hyun makes that difficult. Dong Chan receives his bad news - one item after another, starting with his arrest for kidnapping. His background story helps us understand him better, but comes with its own horrifying news. A fisherman hooks something he never wanted to find. It is a bizarre and unexpected circumstance that pull Dong Chan and Kim Soo Hyun together after she voices a heart felt plea to be able to go back and ...

Episode credited cast:
Bo-young Lee Bo-young Lee - Kim Soo Hyun
Seung-woo Cho Seung-woo Cho - Ki Dong Chan
Tae-woo Kim Tae-woo Kim - Han Ji Hoon
Gyu-Woon Jung Gyu-Woon Jung - Hyun Woo Jin
Yoo Bin Kim Yoo Bin Kim - Han Saet Byul
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Baro Baro - Ki Young Gyu
Eun-pyo Jeong Eun-pyo Jeong - Ki Dong Ho
Hye-seon Jeong Hye-seon Jeong - Lee Soon Nyeo
Jin-mo Joo Jin-mo Joo - Lee Myung Han
Shin-il Kang Shin-il Kang - Kim Nam Joon
Min-woo No Min-woo No - Te Oh
Hye-sook Park Hye-sook Park - Jang Mi Soon (as Park Hye-Sook)
Goo Shin Goo Shin - Choo Byung Woo
Je-wook Yeon Je-wook Yeon - Wang Byung Tae
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