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Short summary

Having realized the weakness of his wife for flirtation, Robert Gordon determines to teach her a severe lesson. Robert brings home a friend, Carl Bressler, and introduces him to his wife. Dolores, of course, attempts to flirt with him and he is only too glad to reciprocate. The next day Robert brings home a beautiful pearl necklace to her and tells her to avoid Bressler. A day or two later he goes away, telling his wife that he is going on business and will be gone for a week and advises her to put her necklace in the safe. In reality he stays around where he can watch Dolores and see what she will do. The day after he has gone, Dolores, in spite of what Robert has said to her, phones to Carl to come over to amuse her. He comes at once, and, seeing a beautiful necklace on her neck, he compliments her on it, Dolores tells him that she has a much finer one in the safe and offers to get it out to show him. Gordon has been hidden behind the curtains all the while and hears all that goes ...

Cast overview:
William Humphrey William Humphrey - Robert Gordon
Dorothy Kelly Dorothy Kelly - Dolores - Robert Gordon's Wife
Earle Williams Earle Williams - Carl Bressler - the Friend
Evart Overton Evart Overton
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