» » The Missing Jewels (1914)

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Jim, a train yard man, finds a $30,000 necklace that had been lost by Ruth Vaughn, a young society matron. Ignorant of its value, the man places it about the neck of his seven-year-old daughter, Nell, who is motherless. Jim falls ill. His savings vanish. Nell tries to nurse her father. Unable to secure money for medicine, the girl resolves to sell a potted plant which had been given to her by church workers. Nell wanders far in her effort to dispose of the plant. A jeweler, in front of whose shop the child pauses for a moment, recognizes the Vaughn necklace and has one of his clerks follow Nell home. Mrs. Vaughn and the police are notified. Detectives enter Jim's miserable home and accuse him of having stolen the necklace which they remove from Nell's throat. They are about to arrest him, when Mrs. Vaughn enters. Taking in the situation at a glance, the woman orders Nell's father freed. Jim tells how he had found the jewels and of how Nell has taken care of him during his illness. ...

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Cast overview:
Adelaide Lawrence Adelaide Lawrence - Little Nell
Robert Ellis Robert Ellis - Jim - Little Nell's Father
Irene Boyle Irene Boyle - Ruth Vaughn
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