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Thakur Saab and his wife Jankidevi belong to a rich and royal family. They have an ancestral necklace which is very precious and very expensive. The necklace is always worn by Jankidevi. Their Dewanji is behind this necklace and also Thakursaab's property. But Jankidevi somehow escapes from him and secretly gives the necklace to a Adivasi. She tells him to give it back to her when she returns. Till then, the necklace is worn on Adivasi's Kuldevi. A hunter, Surya Prakash (Pradeep Kumar) tries to save Jankidevi but she is killed by Dewanji's men. Dewanji (Utpal Dutt) tells Thakursaab that a hunter has taken away his wife's life for the Rajkamal necklace. After many years Kavita (Poonam Dhilon), daughter of Thakursaab and Raja (Jeetendra), who is the son of hunter Surya Prakash meet and fall in love with each other. But as her father comes to know that he is the son of Surya Prakash he disagrees to the marriage. Raja formulates a plan to prove his fathers innocence.

Nishana is the first hindi film of Director K.Raghavendra Rao who is called Manmohan Desai of south and also the producers of this film, this was their first hindi production the same team later made Farz Aur Kanoon with Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Raj Kiran and Rati Aghnihotri.

Amjad Khan claimed he was to do the main villain's role. But later the director changed his mind as he felt Amjad was too large for Jeetendra to fight. The fight scenes would be unconvincing.

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    • Author: Coidor
    This movie is just a typical 80s movie which is NO classics by any means. Dr Shreeram Lagoo has a munim, Utpal Dutt who wants a necklace. He kidnappes Lagoos wife and murders her, blames the murder on Pradeep Kumar and then kills him. Years later Lagoos daughter Poonam Dhillon meets and falls in love with Jeetendra who is the son of Pradeep Kumar. Utpall Dutt wants his son Prem Chopra to marry Poonam. Also Jayshree T is in the movie along with Asrani who overacts but Jayshree T is always nice on the eyes. No great songs either. If you have nothing to do and actually enjoy really bad movies, you might want to watch this one. Warning : this is not one of those movies which is so bad its actually fun to watch (like Dev Anand movies from the 80s and 90s), this movie is plain BAD.
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    • Author: Fenrikree
    It is worth to watch it entertains you 100%, it has comedy, action, suspense, thrill emotions which all the Masala movies has, Prem Chopra wearing top to bottom in single colour costumes, Same color pant, shirt, coat, tie, hat even shoes with same color rose it is so funny, Jeetu Poonam Dhillon 1st time together, Poonam looks so cute & beautiful, while Jeetendra looks so young & dynamic & dance songs with Poonam Dhillon was well picturesque ,Jeetendra dialogues when he appear as Guru Ghantal he deliver words his own films in sequence so good, Fight scene with Manik Irani in Lift also well composed, direction was O.K. tiger scene with Asrani too hilarious, After all this worth to watch movie, Uptal Dutt as Vallian is so so.
  • Credited cast:
    Asrani Asrani - Jeetendra's sidekick
    Prem Chopra Prem Chopra
    Mohan Choti Mohan Choti
    Poonam Dhillon Poonam Dhillon
    Utpal Dutt Utpal Dutt - Villain - Prem's father
    Jeetendra Jeetendra
    Pradeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar - Jeetendra's father
    Shreeram Lagoo Shreeram Lagoo - Poonam's father
    Rajendra Nath Rajendra Nath - Prem's sidekick
    Jayshree T. Jayshree T.
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