» » The Baby-Sitters Club Stacey Takes a Stand (1990– )

Short summary

Stacey juggles visits to her divorced parents, and she's getting tired of it! The Baby-Sitters remind Stacey that home is where the heart is.

When the girls surprise Stacey in New York, Kristy tells her that Charlie drove them. Charlie Thomas is Kristy's older brother in the books that this TV series is based on. They call his car the Junk Bucket and it is described as grayish with scratches, dents, and the fenders rusting.

All the girls' fathers appear though the only one credited is the actor portraying Stacey's dad.

Stacey's full name is revealed as Anastasia Elizabeth McGill

Episode cast overview:
Meghan Andrews Meghan Andrews - Mallory Pike
Melissa Chasse Melissa Chasse - Dawn Schafer
Avriel Hillman Avriel Hillman - Kristy Thomas
Meghan Lahey Meghan Lahey - Mary Anne Spier
Nicolle Rochelle Nicolle Rochelle - Jessi Ramsey (as Nicole Leach)
Jessica Prunell Jessica Prunell - Stacey McGill
Jeni F. Winslow Jeni F. Winslow - Claudia Kishi
Michael Tomlinson Michael Tomlinson - Mr. Edward McGill
Nancy Youngblut Nancy Youngblut - Mrs. Maureen McGill
Geoffrey Wigdor Geoffrey Wigdor - Buddy Barrett
Tom Garlick Tom Garlick - Jason
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