» » 6Teen Whoa, Baby! (2004–2010)

Short summary

Diego and Robbie are driving Jen nuts. She can't stand having stepbrothers - especially the variety that stick frozen peas up your nose, and draw on your face with marker.

Episode credited cast:
Scott Beaudin Scott Beaudin - Robbie
Brooke D'Orsay Brooke D'Orsay - Caitlin Cooke
Stacey DePass Stacey DePass - Nikki Wong
Megan Fahlenbock Megan Fahlenbock - Jen Masterson (voice)
Jess Mal Gibbons Jess Mal Gibbons - Wyatt Williams (as Jesse Gibbons)
Terry McGurrin Terry McGurrin - Jonesy Garcia
Christian Potenza Christian Potenza - Jude Lizowski
Adam Greydon Reid Adam Greydon Reid
Jamie Watson Jamie Watson - Coach Calder / Ron the Rent-a-Cop (voice)
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