» » Трансформеры Desertion of the Dinobots: Part 2 (1984–1987)

Short summary

With the Dinobots captured by Shockwave, and the Autobots' malfunctioning reaching terminal levels, Spike and Carly must fight their way through the bowels of Cybertron to acquire the coveted Cybertonium element before all the Earth Transformers are rendered inoperable.

Episode credited cast:
Arlene Banas Arlene Banas - Carly (voice)
Michael Bell Michael Bell - Swoop (voice)
Gregg Berger Gregg Berger - Grimlock / Sentinel (voice)
Corey Burton Corey Burton - Spike Witwicky / Shockwave (voice)
Christopher Collins Christopher Collins - Sparkplug Witwicky / Wheeljack (voice) (as Chris Latta)
Peter Cullen Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime (voice)
Casey Kasem Casey Kasem - Teletraan I (voice)
Hal Rayle Hal Rayle - Snarl (voice)
Neil Ross Neil Ross - Slag (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Megatron / Sludge / Cybetronic Narrator (voice)
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