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Inspiring Friendships through Music with a goal to move people and to make music for musics sake Goal: To capture the making of the love project cd on film with musicians from throughout ... See full summary
Inspiring Friendships through Music with a goal to move people and to make music for musics sake Goal: To capture the making of the love project cd on film with musicians from throughout the world. Not Genre-specific Music but Music that people can feel again. Dedicating Art to a Family that lost a very talented Artist utilizing His work. Combining Professional Collaborations World Cinematic Orchestrations: Classical Backgrounds, Rock, Opera, using top studios from NY to LA and Lifers of Music - Some very well known and some that simply should be. We set out to make a Record and ended up on a Journey we never anticipated. Want to Share what we think should be passed on a worldwide level. Interested in submitting to film festivals end/2009 into 2010! All You have is Now. Make it Count!

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    • Author: Beranyle
    The talented, passionate and full of life drummer "Yael" is on a mission and welcomes you into her world as a musician, creating an album.

    This DVD will appeal to lovers of all types of music. Yael has assembled musicians from the field of opera, hard rock and classical music. Her infusion of multicultural influences add layers never before heard. I highly recommend this for anyone who calls themselves a music lover.

    This is truly an amazing and inspiring documentary of outstanding musicians collaborating together and creating music that will capture your soul. A must see and own.
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    • Author: Ericaz
    I absolutely loved this film! From the guerrilla style film making to the bi-coastal recordings it kept me entranced from beginning to end! My favorite is the Alex Skolnick sessions. Megan, Alex and Yael rocked! Really the entire thing is wonderful. One truly feels that these musicians are on a journey together and simply nothing else matters. Sasha Lizard is hauntingly beautiful, Lucia and Dave are awesome! Yael is one amazing, eclectic drummer who blends so smoothly in with all of these wonderful artists, even Terry Bozio and that takes talent because he's the best!! Nik gets it right when he says if you don't have a good drummer your records gonna suck! Niks recording style is crazy awesome and one could say the same about an engineer!! LOVE THIS FILM!!!! Brilliant performances from Yael, Yury, Yariv, Roy and all of the many others who contributed!!!! As well the dedication was beautifully done as you can feel the emotion literally oooze off the film!
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    • Author: Arashitilar
    I watched this DVD twice since I've bought it and I'm really inspired and in love with the message that this DVD gives. Yael and her crew did a wonderful job! Being a drummer myself i found it extra inspirational to set out and try and learn another instrument as well as master my own. This is a powerful movie and I get so much enjoyment out of watching and listening to music. If you like music too and you have an eclectic taste, then you need to watch this. Yael is a amazing musician and I'm very happy that she was able to put this together. This has really made my year. I never would have guessed that something like this would be put out. Its great! I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone, musician and non musician alike.
  • Credited cast:
    Moose Ali Khan Moose Ali Khan - Gate Keeper
    Yury Anisonyan Yury Anisonyan - Himself - Musician / Songwriter
    Terry Bozzio Terry Bozzio - Himself - Drummer
    Nik Chinboukas Nik Chinboukas - Himself - Producer / Engineer / Musician
    Dave Eggar Dave Eggar - Himself - Musician / Cello / Piano
    Sasha Lazard Sasha Lazard - Herself - Vocalist
    Roy Mayorga Roy Mayorga - Himself - Drummer
    Lucia Micarelli Lucia Micarelli - Herself - Musician / Violin
    Jay Sustain Jay Sustain - Himself - Remixer / Musician
    Yariv Vaknin Yariv Vaknin - Himself - Musician / Bass
    Yael Yael - Herself - Drummer / Producer
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