» » The Super Hero Squad Show Brouhaha at the World's Bottom! (2009–2011)

Short summary

Cap, Ms Marvel & Mr. Fantastic travel to the Savage Land in an attempt to return the Squaddies from all the different dimensions they have been exiled to. But Baron Strucker and Hydra are also there, seeking a way to escape from Earth.

Title card's issue homage: The Amazing Spider-Man #103.

Episode cast overview:
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Wolverine (voice)
David Boat David Boat - Thor (voice) (as Dave Boat)
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin - Ms. Marvel (voice) (as Grey DeLisle)
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny - Iron Man / Captain America (voice)
James Marsters James Marsters - Mr. Fantastic (voice)
Rob Paulsen Rob Paulsen - Baron Strucker (voice)
Kevin Sorbo Kevin Sorbo - Ka-Zar (voice)
Tara Strong Tara Strong - Scarlet Witch / H.E.R.B.I.E. (voice)
Travis Willingham Travis Willingham - Hulk / Hans (voice)
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