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In the distant future, vicious aliens rule the Earth. Only bodacious babes survive, enslaved by the hostile alien overlords. The women and the world need a hero. And there's only one man big enough for the job. With a new arsenal of destructive weapons and a legion of sinister new enemies, Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes is heart-pounding Duke action at its most savage.

The initial release of the game had a bug which prevented playing the game through. It was removed from the shops in less than a week, and the new version came out the same month.

The original title Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes ran into legal trouble with the Planet of the Apes franchise holders forcing a last minute change to Land of the Babes.

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    • Author: Shak
    If Playstation had add ons then this could simply tack onto Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. With the same but slightly updated graphics, controls and weapons, Duke heads forward in time and finds the earth after all the men have been slaughtered. With more babes and one-liners than before Duke is still as cool in this brand new Playstation episode
  • Cast overview:
    Jon St. John Jon St. John - Duke Nukem / Silverback / Additional Voices (voice)
    Lani Minella Lani Minella - Jane / Additional Voices (voice)
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