» » The Super Hero Squad Show Planet Hulk! (Six Against Infinity, Part 5) (2009–2011)

Short summary

Hulk crash-lands on the planet Sakaar and is forced to enter gladiatorial combat by the Red King.

Title card's issue homage: The Incredible Hulk #3.

Episode cast overview:
Laura Bailey Laura Bailey - Firestar / Angelica Jones (voice)
Ted Biaselli Ted Biaselli - Mole Man (voice)
David Boat David Boat - Thor / Lava Creature (voice) (as Dave Boat)
S. Scott Bullock S. Scott Bullock - Red King / Unseen Announcer (voice)
Antony Del Rio Antony Del Rio - Reptil (voice)
Mikey Kelley Mikey Kelley - Dark Surfer (voice) (archive sound)
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny - Iron Man (voice)
Travis Willingham Travis Willingham - Hulk / Human Torch (voice)
Dave Wittenberg Dave Wittenberg - Miek / Korg (voice)
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