» » Vigilance (2017)

Short summary

On a sunny afternoon in the park, a little girl named Clarissa Bowles is playing on the swings. Everyone in the park is occupied and distracted. Kids are texting and taking selfies or playing on the gym equipment. Adults are flying drones, playing ball, or doing Yoga. But Clarissa is being watched by a man in a car, who plays with a key ring full of ribbons, just like the one in the girl's hair. Clarissa is disappointed when she asks her mother, yoga instructor Sunny Bowles, to watch her on the swing. Clarissa decides to run and jump and play, almost getting hit by a bicycle. For a moment her mother notices and tells her to stay in site, but she soon ventures off to the woods. The man from the car follows her, unseen by anyone. The stalker loses sight of the girl in the woods, but soon spots her ribbon. He gently caresses it, but can find no sign of the girl. Venturing farther into the woods, he calls out for her, and is interrupted by a question behind him. It is one of the yoga ...

Cast overview:
Michael Howard Michael Howard - Richard Stalker
Alena Koch Alena Koch - Sunny Bowles
Havana Blum Havana Blum - Clarissa Bowles
Seth Blum Seth Blum - Yoga Guy
Bruce Williamson Bruce Williamson - Peter Planter
Tom Gore Tom Gore - Shamus McSchovel
Stephanie Minervino Stephanie Minervino - Yoga Girl
Jonathan Farrell Jonathan Farrell - Texting Man
Lachlan Watson Lachlan Watson - Selfie Boy (as Riley Watson)
David Aman David Aman - Drone Dude
Madison Farrell Madison Farrell - Texting Girl
Nicholas Heller Nicholas Heller - Bicycle Billy
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