» » Playing at Divorce (1910)

Short summary

Parents plan to separate but reconsider after they see their children playing at divorce.
A mother and father, prominent in society and well provided with this world's goods, yet unhappy in their marital relations, decide to get a divorce and begin proceedings to that end without delay. While they are busy in separating themselves their children are forgotten and neglected. The youngsters inadvertently learn of their parents' intention and after an explanation from the oldest one they suggest that they play the girl is getting a divorce from her younger brother while the older boy sits as judge upon the merits of the case. The judge concludes that a divorce shall be granted. The little girl asks his honor about her dolly who represents their child. The question is a knotty one and he takes the child (Dolly) in one hand and a sword in the other, after the manner of Solomon, and proceeds to sever the doll in twain. The girl cries, "No! Let me keep it." At this moment the mother and father return from their lawyers' offices and listen to the proceeding with humiliation and ...

Released as a split reel along with the documentary The International Motor Boat Race (1910).

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