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The famous Brazilian producer Cecílio B. De Milho wants to produce an epic about Helen of Troy. He hires the great professor of Greek history Xenofontes to write the screenplay, but his family and crew wants to make a Brazilian musical comedy. Meanwhile, a fake count wants to marry his nephew to be the lead actor of Helen of Troy.

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    • Author: Timberahue
    The famous Brazilian producer Cecílio B. De Milho (Renato Restier) wants to produce an epic about Helen of Troy. He hires the great professor of Greek history Xenofontes (Oscarito) to write the screenplay, but his family and crew wants to make a Brazilian musical comedy.

    "Carnaval Atlântida" is a delightful "chanchada", one of the best Brazilian movies ever. The story has many levels, and the easiest one is the popular musical comedy for the common people. In order to understand this very critical movie in a deeper level, the viewer must be familiarized with Brazilian history. First, Brazil lived a dictatorship period between 1930 and 1945, and the next president was a man that open the country to importations in general, including of culture. In the historical moment of "Carnaval Atlântida", there were two great studios in Brazil: Vera Cruz that aimed to produce national movies with international language for international distribution; and Atlântida, that the defended the nationalist principle of a Brazilian popular national cinema. "Carnaval Atlântida" is technically an excellent movie, with a great story, excellent edition of scenes shot in locations and studio, and very, but very funny. There are excellent jokes, beginning with the name of the producer Cecílio B. De Milho (translation: Cecil B. of Corn), joking with the great Cecil B. De Mille; the foreigner Conde Verdura ("Count Lettuce") is out of context of the national cinema industry and is an impostor con-man. All the characters want to make a movie about "samba" (the most popular Brazilian song and dance). There are many messages in the underlines of the screenplay, but I believe that even a foreigner will appreciate this film. My vote is ten.

    Title (Brazil: "Carnaval Atlântida" ("Atlântida Carnival")
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    • Author: Nuadador
    The "Carnaval Atlântida" he is one of the biggest films on the carnival. It has innumerable musical numbers, all is spectacular! The cast is fantastic, and counts on the presence of Maria Antonieta Pons, a Cuban dancer. The Atlântida joined Oscarito, Colé, Grande Otelo and Eliana for the first time, result: The film if left super in the ticket offices, being thus the perfect formula for a good film well. The film well is directed and well-taken care of by Jose Carlos Burle. A paper of prominence in this film was of the actor Jose Lewgoy. It interpreted the Conde Verdura, chofer of rich, but very put. Its personage was based on Carlitos of Chaplin. Carlos Manga it initiated its cinematographic career in this film directing the musical number "Alguém como Tu" of Dick Farney. The director who in the future if would become director of great films, as to "Matar ou Correr" (1954) and "O Homem do Sputnik" (1959), he had many ideas at the time.
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    • Author: Hbr
    This is a movie about two guys who were supposed to write a script about Helen of Troy and come up with a musical. The producer then hires a rather nervous ancient history teacher to fix the problem, but it is obvious things will change wildly along the way. If You want old Brazilian pop music and comedians, and some women wearing rather short garments and dancing, and a movie that laughs a bit at so-called "higher culture" and its conceit, I guess you'll have fun.
  • Credited cast:
    Oscarito Oscarito - Xenofontes
    Grande Otelo Grande Otelo - Assistant
    Cyl Farney Cyl Farney - Augusto
    José Lewgoy José Lewgoy - Conde Verdura
    Eliana Eliana - Regina
    Colé Santana Colé Santana - Pedro
    Renato Restier Renato Restier - Cecílio B. de Milho
    María Antonieta Pons María Antonieta Pons - Lolita
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Carlos Alberto Carlos Alberto
    Orlando Amaral Orlando Amaral
    Marlene Barroso Marlene Barroso
    Victor Binot Victor Binot
    Blecaute Blecaute
    Cuquita Carballo Cuquita Carballo
    Edmundo Carijó Edmundo Carijó
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