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Andy is as thrilled as anyone else when Helen gets the news that her children's book is to be published along with a $1000 advance. When he goes with Helen to see her publisher in Raleigh however, he very much feels like a fifth wheel. Soon the townsfolk begin to congratulate Andy and comment on how he will no doubt lead a life of leisure now that he is married to a published and soon to be famous author. Initially, he takes it all in stride but soon begins to bristle at the idea of being a kept man. When Helen breaks a date for the second time, he asks another woman out on a date.

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    • Author: Angana
    This episode is another gem found in the last few colorized seasons. There really isn't a funny man featured for a lot of minutes in the episode. Helen's book gets a publisher. Most of the episode hinges on Andy put in uncomfortable situations being a second banana to Helen's new found success.

    Andy and Helen in the Richmond publishers office making Andy feel inconsequential is a classic. One old gag after another. Name mixups, no chair for Andy, cutting Andy short mid sentence. It all works.

    Glamourous Match Game panelist Elaine Joyce playing quite forward Mavis Neff trying to steal Andy from Helen is a highlight.

    Howard McNear sick from strokes steals the show as usual as Floyd describing Mavis's reputation.
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    • Author: Androwyn
    Another check for $1000 arrives in the mail in Mayberry, and this time it's Helen's turn to wonder at all them zeroes. This is one of my favorite color episodes; it has an assortment interesting characters, including what I have to assume is the only unabashedly gay person ever seen in TAGS, who has the memorable name of Robling Flask. Roger Bryant, Helen's publisher,has a deliciously insincere laugh and a secretary with a hairdo that looks like it's about to take flight. I call a tie for who gets the best line: Goober's recommendation to some tourists that they should check out what's going on at the high school and Floyd's recollection of the fate of one of Mavis Naef's boyfriends, who incurred the disapproval of the Boy Scouts after just one date. Honorable mention goes to Opie at the breakfast table when he assesses his Pa's mood after another mention of Helen's book. If you're watching on a big-screen TV these days, you almost reflexively start to back up during the angry exchange between Andy and Helen, what with those weird close-ups of their faces. Nonetheless, Helen is especially pretty in this episode, particularly at the end as she magnanimously listens to Andy's apology. By the way, Mlle. Dubois here is no relation to Pearly Maye, whom Andy and Barney fondly remember from Mayberry Union High in an earlier episode.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Andy Griffith Andy Griffith - Andy Taylor
    Ron Howard Ron Howard - Opie Taylor (as Ronny Howard)
    Frances Bavier Frances Bavier - Aunt Bee Taylor
    George Lindsey George Lindsey - Goober Pyle
    Jack Dodson Jack Dodson - Howard Sprague
    Aneta Corsaut Aneta Corsaut - Helen Crump
    Howard McNear Howard McNear - Floyd Lawson
    Keith Andes Keith Andes - Roger Bryant
    Laurie Main Laurie Main - Robling Flask
    Elaine Joyce Elaine Joyce - Mavis Neff
    Tom Palmer Tom Palmer - Harold Mosby
    Katherine Victor Katherine Victor - Miss Fain (as Kathrin Victor)
    Diane Deininger Diane Deininger - Woman
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