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Gou: Hime-Tachi no Sengoku aka Princess Go tells the story of a most remarkable outspoken princess who really lived during the Sengoku Jidai - The Warring States Period of Japan. Narrated by her mother Lady Ichi (Honami Suzuki) the sister of the powerful warlord Oda Nobunaga (Etsushi Toyokawa), Go is born into this world during the siege of Odami Castle. Her father Azai Nagamasa having defied Oda Nobunaga and defeated by Oda's trusted general Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Goro Kishitani) sends Lady Ichi and his three daughters Cha-cha (Miyazawa Rie), Hatsu (Mizukawa Asami), & infant Go whose lives have been spared to go live with their uncle Oda Nobunaga. Princess Go (Juri Uneo) will grow to be an outspoken princess who unlike her older sisters bears no malice towards her uncle Oda Nobunaga who she grew to admi re and it is through him she is given access to some of the most powerful men of the Warring States Period. But when her uncle Oda Nobunaga is betrayed by his vassal Akechi Mistuhide (...

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    • Author: HappyLove
    The 50th NHK taiga drama was "Gou - Princess of the Warring States". This covers one of the most pivotal periods in Japanese history where 3 families- the Oda, Toyotomi & Tokugawa sought to unite a country which had witnessed over a century of war. The same subject was covered in the 2014 taiga "Gunshi Kanbee (Strategist Kanbee)" & it is interesting how the dynamic of the show changes when being told from a male perspective (as in Gunshi Kanbee) or being related through the eyes of a woman.This drama is narrated by Princess Go's mother Ichi (sister of Oda Nobunaga) and follows the fortunes of the 3 Oda princesses as they are used and manipulated as part of the political climate of the Sengoku Period. This is a refreshing take on a well-covered tale and is notable for its excellent casting with Toyakawa Etsushi impressing as the imposing figure of Oda Nobunaga, Kishitani Goro as the not-so-stupid fool Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Kitaoji Kinya as the cautious and wise Tokugawa Ieyasu. The princesses are also played consummately, each with their own personality. Another excellent drama from NHK.
  • Series cast summary:
    Takumi Saitoh Takumi Saitoh - Takatsugu Kyogoku 46 episodes, 2011
    Juri Ueno Juri Ueno - Gou 46 episodes, 2011
    Manabu Hamada Manabu Hamada - Sanada yukimura 46 episodes, 2011
    Shûsuke Saitô Shûsuke Saitô - Hidekatsu Hashiba 46 episodes, 2011
    Taiga Taiga - Hideyori Toyotomi 46 episodes, 2011
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