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Fact-based story based on crime boss Salavatore 'Sam' Giancana's daughter's autobiography. As titled, the story focuses on Antoniette Giancarlo's troubled relationship with her father and examines their life between 1935 to 1975.

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    • Author: Ndav
    Lucci is perfectly cast as the title character. Being of Italian descent herself. As usual they don't make full use of the talent they have at hand and only use a TV movie budget when all involved could have made a more satisfying piece with a feature budget. To add to it they have got Tony Curtis involved and the script editors are looking underneath to see why mobsters make such bad family men. Something to do with commitment s to organized crime maybe? The clever part of the script is casting Curtis as not stained with murders. Instead maintaining control throughout with his presence to keep his lieutenants in line. An added bonus is seeing Lucci's talent and beauty which explains how she influenced the 'Catherine PRendergast' portraits by the GB actor and psychic Stephen Armourae. See this and 'Invitation to Hell' is to see that Lucci is one of the best in Hollywood and why she has impressed Armourae so much.
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    • Author: Mitynarit
    You watch this movie and cannot help but wonder why oh why is Tony Curtis not still making movies. He is granitely vulnerable, superbly father/bastard, a mafia don with no none bloodshed even when he gets smoked on his Daughter's 40th birthday. Susan Lucci is beyond perfection and NOT NOT a self-pitying character as the daughter of Italian Nobility. You gotta love Tony and I see him every morning, immemorialized on a Hollywood Freeway embankment. He exudes muscular authority, charisma, James Deaning it for the commuters. There is no Mafia movie in the same class as Mafia Princess. The Godfather is an utter classic but that would be comparing the left foot with the right hand.
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    • Author: Ranicengi
    For that role, Susan Lucci was the perfect choice! She did an outstanding job, and Tony Curtis played the role convincing me anyway that he was Italiano. The storyline was intriquing, and we the public are always curious to know what is in the heart and home of repudiated mobsters, who we would like to think go home to their families and like the chameleon, show another side of their disposition; some form of human nature with those he loves and cherishes. I have not as yet read the book, but the T.V. Movie was one I should like to see again. Unfortunately, it's not one of the re-runs they constantly throw at you that one would rather turn off the set, and hope they show this one again in the near future. One question does come to mind though: WHY IS IT NOT AVAILABLE ON VIDEO OR DVD????? Signed, 100% Italiana & proud of it!
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    • Author: Wenes
    This film proves it: mobsters make lousy family men. A sluggish look at a tyrannical mafia leader and the deadly effect his "business" has on his dysfunctional family. Like all these 'life story' pictures the story is way too sketchy and rushes along barely skimming the surface of these folks tragic lives. Good acting but still a tepid Godfather wannabe minus all the flaming tommyguns, and overloaded with hysterical, unhappy screaming. The book was much more detailed and interesting.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Susan Lucci Susan Lucci - Antoinette Giancana
    Kathleen Widdoes Kathleen Widdoes - Angelina Giancana
    Tony Curtis Tony Curtis - Sam Giancana
    Chuck Shamata Chuck Shamata - Louie
    Louis Di Bianco Louis Di Bianco - Jimmy Lucca (as Louie DiBianco)
    David McIlwraith David McIlwraith - Dr. Raymond Spiros
    Tony De Santis Tony De Santis - Joey Leone (as Tony DeSantis)
    Marsha Moreau Marsha Moreau - Little Annette
    Albert Schultz Albert Schultz - Phillip
    Norma Edwards Norma Edwards - School Administrator
    Ken Pogue Ken Pogue - Committee Member
    Tom Harvey Tom Harvey - David O'Brien
    Bill Lake Bill Lake - Federal Agent
    Laurie Waller-Benson Laurie Waller-Benson - Nun Administrator
    John Mackenzie John Mackenzie - Hotel Waiter
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