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The Puccio are apparently a family like any other: Archimedes, the father has a plan in hand, for which he needs the help of his family. He gathers his children to help him carry out the company. Archimedes's house becomes the center of operations, maintaining a life of contrasts. The story of the crime family organization, Archimedes Puccio connections with other criminal gangs and unsustainable innocence of this story based on real events.

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    • Author: Jeyn
    If I could give more than 10 out of 10 I would. This is film-making at a level that transcends into pure art. Often while watching, one has the feeling of seeing something real and being an invisible observer. One gets to experience that sense of immersion into this particular world which is so intricate and believable. It's entertaining and shocking and disturbing in the sense that the viewer, against oneself, finds oneself agreeing with the miserable philosophies spewed by the patriarch and his entourage. This is due to the film's skill in drawing you into the middle of this family and into their intimate space and need for survival and extension of comforts. Very intelligent and talented people made this.
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    • Author: Carrot
    From all the series I watched in my life this one definitely tips my top 3.

    The story is so well-made it's amazing, there aren't a lot series that get me sucked in to the story but with this one couldn't stop watching. The acting and camerawork is highly professional and so realistic, the fun fact is the big series such as "Shooter" can learn a lot of these actors in my opinion.

    I can't really explain in words about how exciting the series was this is a must-watch for everyone. The few reviews on the other hand.. are really depressive because this series deserves so much better!

    Watch it, you won't regret it! (:
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    • Author: mym Ђудęm ęгσ НuK
    Historia de un clan is a gripping crime drama inspired by true events that took place in Argentina in the 1980s. With hints of Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, Historia de un clan is excellently cast, terrifically written, and beautifully directed. You feel like you're peering into the complicated lives of an extraordinary family, seemingly perfect on the outside, with many dimensions and dark hidden corners.
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    • Author: Gardataur
    I was presented this show by a friend who loves great slow-burn character shows like True Detective, Breaking Bad. I began watching this and, could not stop watching all 11 episodes. It's just amazing writing, acting, directing, that sucks you in an blows you away.

    I am so depressed this series only has 300+ votes. This show is as great as the greatest series on television and anyone who loves binge worth television will love every moment as this intense show.
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    • Author: Sermak Light
    Many Spoilers. All based on a "true story" which takes place in Argentina during the eighties. English subtitles also for those non Spanish speaking. If the preceding circumstances annoy you, don't watch. The story evolves around a patriarch of Italian descent not quite making it with his corner grocery store. There are debts and a family that desire to be provided. So kidnapping becomes the family business. Some family involved, some not and others looking away. To add to the drama there is a lot of sexual tension with the villain's youngest daughter spicing up every scene. Then another daughter involved in a suspected lesbian relationship with a nun. Argentina's brief answer to the Soprano's.
  • Series cast summary:
    Alejandro Awada Alejandro Awada - Arquímedes Puccio 11 episodes, 2015
    Chino Darín Chino Darín - Alejandro Puccio 11 episodes, 2015
    Cecilia Roth Cecilia Roth - Epifanía Calvo de Puccio 11 episodes, 2015
    Gustavo Garzón Gustavo Garzón - Rojas 11 episodes, 2015
    Pablo Cedrón Pablo Cedrón - Labarde 11 episodes, 2015
    Nazareno Casero Nazareno Casero - Daniel 'Maguila' Puccio / - 11 episodes, 2015
    María Soldi María Soldi - Silvia Puccio 11 episodes, 2015
    Rita Pauls Rita Pauls - Adriana Puccio 11 episodes, 2015
    Tristán Tristán - El Coronel 8 episodes, 2015
    Victoria Almeida Victoria Almeida - María Belén 7 episodes, 2015
    Benjamín Alfonso Benjamín Alfonso - Juani 6 episodes, 2015
    Laura Laprida Laura Laprida - Paula 5 episodes, 2015
    Oscar Ferrigno Jr. Oscar Ferrigno Jr. - Olsen 5 episodes, 2015
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