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Depiction of the everyday life of a teenage heroin addict.

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    • Author: Cel
    Alan Clarkes "Christine" begins with a teenager girl walking on the street holding a plastic bag as circus-like music plays in the background. The teenager girl's(around 15 or 16 years old I think) name is the same as the title, but her friends just call her Chris. She walks from one house to another selling heroin-shots to her friends while talking about school, parents, boyfriends and what they're gonna do for the weekend.

    It's a painfully realistic and a very sad film. To see lives get washed down the drain like that can make every tough man hearts burst. I sat through the 51 minutes not regretting a second to have bought this film. It's thought provoking by the way it's shot and I give all credit to Alan Clarke(road, made in Britain, the firm, elephant, scum) for being so bold and new-inventing as he always was. RIP.

    The girl who played Christine and all the other kids was extremely good. I liked them a great deal! They seemed professional for their part, funny enough. But seriously go and check out this movie, it's healthy for you.

    Rate: 10/10
  • Episode credited cast:
    Vicky Murdock Vicky Murdock - Christine
    Kelly George Kelly George - Eddie
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Mark Harvey Mark Harvey - Ben
    Joanne Mapp Joanne Mapp - Jessie
    Anthony Smith Anthony Smith - Eric
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